A decoction of rose hips – an effective remedy for pressure jumps. However, to use this seemingly harmless plant be careful in certain diseases of the heart, thrombophlebitis and other diseases.

A decoction of rose hips, a remedy for decompression

In folk medicine, a decoction of rose hips often used as a tonic. The composition also has a diuretic, choleretic action, drinking a decoction of fruits and roots of the plants can be almost any age. It is known that this herbal drug promotes the production of red blood cells in the body. Broth give drink to children suffering from frequent nasal bleeding.

Useful broth hips and people who are often faced with high blood pressure. Remedy lowers blood pressure, at the same time positively affecting the walls of blood vessels. The effect of the rosehip is known since ancient times.

But the perennial plant has really benefited at elevated pressure, it is necessary to properly prepare the broth. It is recommended to use the crushed fruit. Taking two tablespoons of the mixture, it is necessary to pour the rose hips in two cups of clean water and boil the liquid for 15 minutes. After boiling medicinal decoction cooled and leave to infuse for at least two hours. Strain the broth, it can be used in pure form or by adding the sugar in small quantities, honey, lemon juice.

The impact of hips on the pressure

Broth hips to normalize blood pressure you should drink courses – no more than three weeks, and then you should take a break. Preferably before taking people's money to consult with a specialist, but usually the norm of the use of the decoction for adults is a Cup of liquid at a time. To use the product three times a day. For children the normal dose is from ½ to ¼ Cup, depending on age. To drink broth it is best before eating because the hips well to stimulate the appetite.

Especially useful to drink a decoction of rose hips in the winter months, the period of beriberi. Berry increase the immune system, in addition, the infusions and decoctions of plants perfectly quench thirst, they can drink instead of tea.

Water decoction of rose hips which reduces the pressure in most cases, but to improve it will help the alcoholic extract of the fruits. Therefore, medicinal plants can become a helper and for hypertensive and hypotensive. When you receive funds on the basis of rose hips should not self-medicate and, especially, to be replaced with decoctions and infusions of the medicine prescribed by the doctor.