What is contained in the hips

Fresh and dried rose hips are high in vitamin E, C, K, and also include ascorbic acid, rutin and carotene. Thanks to this plant is widely used for the treatment and prevention of various colds. Rosehip is rich in pectin, minerals (calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium) and also contains tannins and essential oils, citric and malic acid.

What can be treated with rosehip

Traditionally, the decoction of rose hips is used as an excellent antibacterial agent for the treatment of acute viral infections. Vitamin C contained in the drink, helps the immune system to quickly deal with the disease. This tool is recommended as an auxiliary for the treatment of anemia, beriberi, atherosclerosis. Vitamins a, P and K contained in the fruit plants, improve blood clotting, strengthens capillaries, has a positive effect on the organs of hematopoiesis. In addition, a decoction of rose hips has been successfully used for the treatment of diseases of the urinary tract and for prevention of many gynecological diseases (bleeding of the uterus, inflammatory processes in the vagina, etc.).

As rose effect on blood pressure?

To this question the supporters of traditional medicine there is no exact and only answer. The fact that different means but the basis of rose hips, have on blood pressure a completely opposite effect. People, a long time host a simple aqueous decoction of the hips, noted that the indicators of their blood pressure dropped significantly. Alcohol tincture of the plant, on the contrary, contributed to a sharp pressure rise. Therefore, to use the hips for adjustment of blood pressure is necessary only after consulting your doctor.

Contraindications and side effects

Since rosehip contains large amount of ascorbic acid, it is not recommended for use by persons suffering from gastritis or a stomach ulcer. Experts say the adverse effect of these drugs on tooth enamel. Therefore, people having sensitive teeth from using rose hips should be abandoned. With great care the decoction of rose hips can be used for those who have serious heart diseases (endocarditis, tachycardia) and liver. Briar is not assigned to patients suffering from constipation and excessive gas formation.