When you need to talk to a speech therapist

Speech therapy costs apply if:

- two-year-old has not said;
- talking three-year-old remains vague and incomprehensible to others;
- for his age the child has a small vocabulary (for example, the year is still not talking at all; and to five years zvukoproiznoshenija and has not formed);
- the child frequently stumbles or stutters;
a five - year child does not know how to align words in a sentence and said tersely;
- you start preparations for the school;
- school program on reading and writing is given to a child is hard, he makes ridiculous mistakes knowing the rules.

So, if access to a speech therapist you need, is to look for a qualified professional based on a number of criteria.

Professional experience and qualifications

When choosing a specialist, you must first pay attention to the profession and the school, which he finished. Speech therapists usually are prepared in higher educational institutions, as in the specialist degree must be a corresponding entry: "Teacher-defectologist, speech therapist".

In addition, make sure that your chosen specialist undergoes regular training and refresher courses, perfecting their skills.

A narrow focus

Pay close attention to the practical experience of a specialist. Costs apply to the speech therapist, who has at least 2-3 years of experience in practical activities, directed on correction of the vocal apparatus.

Also important is the fact, correction of any particular shortcomings of speech activity deals with the speech therapist. For example, not everyone is able to work with stuttering or dyslexia.

The cost of training

As practice shows, the high price for the lesson may not always be a guarantee of competence and proficiency of speech therapy. Sometimes the price may be attributable to the rental of expensive office in the city centre or the popular name of a specialist. Not wanting to pay, you can make a choice in favor of the less hyped, but perhaps more competent speech therapist willing to work with the child, even in your territory.

Diagnosis and course of study

A competent specialist needs to make an accurate diagnosis and then determine the number of required classes. Diagnosis may be based on the number of surveys. These include: electroencephalogram, visit a psychologist and a neuropsychiatrist, if necessary, an otolaryngologist. If the speech therapist was diagnosed, based solely on external signs, without a diagnosis, so in selecting a specialist you are mistaken.

The relationship with the child

This is perhaps one of the most important components when choosing a speech therapist. You need to ensure that between the child and the specialist have good psychological contact and classes are held in a friendly form. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the reviews child's speech therapist. Visit 3-5 classes, this will be enough to make a conclusion about the person. If even after a number of sessions the child feels discomfort and goes to class like a prison, you should look for another speech therapist.

Kindergarten with speech therapy bias

Logopedic kindergarten is the best option for proper speech development. The child, being in the working atmosphere, can closely interact with their peers and group sessions contribute additional stimulation to learn. As a rule, educational and speech therapy process in such gardens are very well choreographed, and in addition to speech correction classes promote development of fine motor skills, thinking and memory.

Regardless of the choice of the expert, try to at least occasionally attend classes with your child to know how everything is going. Also, don't forget to engage with the child at home, because in speech you need to constantly practice, then speech therapy will be much more effective.