First of all you need to know what scopes should be set only in those circumstances in which they will be applied. This type of ammunition, and firing range. An important role is played by weather conditions.

The solution to the problem of depth of field and focusing distance

The main hindrance to a comfortable use of sight - the absence of a homogeneous field at different distances to the object of sight. The standard distance at which the sharpness of sight optimum 100 metres. But if we are talking about pneumatic and subsonic rifles, working on smaller distances, set the sharpness can the lens adjusting the lens or turning the retainer ring front lens 1/2 turn and each time checking the result. For efficient operation at very small distances (less than 15 meters) for lens we need to make the aperture, the circle of opaque material with an outer diameter equal to the diameter of the front end of the inner sight and 4-7 millimeters.

The preparation of the landfill bed and targets

For quality settings and zeroing your scope must be well-equipped shooting range. Field shooting should be aimed in a safe direction where there are no residential developments and people. The bed of the arrow must be equipped with a stop or to get a bipod for the rifle.

The vertical reticle

Vertical calibration of the sight is a highly individual question. Based on the features of the rifle stands need to ensure that the reticle coincides with the vertical reference point. For this field is set to plumb, and the rifle is held in the most natural and comfortable for the shooter way. Check is done from all positions for shooting: standing, kneeling, lying down, focusing and without it. The adjustment is made by turning the sight in the mounting.

The first shooting

Setting the rifle on the fence, you must make 10 shots at a target, aiming at accurately and taking into account the parallax effect. After each shot hole in the target should be marked, and the results of shooting record, indicating the radial distance from the target and a fourth target, which had a hit. All shots must lie within the same circle, the same as when shooting with open sight. If the sight gets off, traces of shots will fall in the form of an ellipse. This means that the optics are defective and should be replaced.

Calibration of the sight

Adjusting drums at gunpoint may have a different value of amendments for a single click. Therefore, if the sight is not accompanied by instructions or labels on the adjustment screws, there should be an adjustment "by eye", firing after each adjustment to 10 rounds and replacing the target.

Control shooting

After the setting of the sight is finished, you must get acquainted with the peculiarities of optics, produced control shooting. Shooting done without emphasis, with all the possible shooting positions. This will allow the arrow to understand how the weapons behave under various conditions of firing and to take, if necessary, amended.