To make a big burp, your stomach needs to contain air, it is necessary to make it work as much as possible. A good way to do this is simply to eat. Ordinary meal, as a rule, does not lead to any appreciable belching. The air trapped in the stomach, you must eat as quickly as possible. Drink plenty of lemonade, beer and other gassy drinks. Their consumption leads to the appearance in the stomach of carbon dioxide needed to burp.

To make the process of swallowing gas is more effective drink beverages through a straw. Enjoy a drink at one time – also a good way to get a large amount of gas. The more diverse the food you eat, the more powerful the combination of gases will be formed in your stomach. Your burp after that will be the maximum. Experiment with different foods.

Air from the lungs

The air for filling the stomach can take and easy, to eat having. This method is somewhat more difficult previous, but it can be used anywhere and anytime. Take regular, shallow breaths. Plug nose and close mouth. Then exhale a little air into your mouth and start to swallow it with saliva as you do it with food. It is important to avoid falling into the mouth air from the external environment, it will only hurt the process. Continue with this procedure until you feel the air in the stomach and the approach of burping.

The position of the body

To prevent loss of gas from your stomach, try to always be in a vertical position (stand or sit). So all of the gas gathered in the stomach, will be in the upper part. To increase gas, move more, try to walk or jump in place. If you consume sodas, in your stomach will occur the same process as when you shake a bottle of lemonade. Be careful, too much exercise with a full stomach can cause nausea.


Sensing the approach of burping, push your head back a little. Open your mouth, to the sound of a burp was as loud and rude. As soon as you feel that the air is out, tighten your abdominal muscles. The goal of this action is to squeeze your stomach to the air came out quickly and loudly. If you want to make a long and loud burp, do not press on the stomach too much. To control this process, you can also use aperture. To learn how to burp properly, you will need some practice and a little time.