Advice 1: Why can't you remember alcohol

Unfortunately, at the present time is simply impossible to present memorial meal without alcohol. The presence of vodka on the table is a necessity and a sign of good manners. But few people think about what the commemoration of the alcohol is unacceptable in the Christian tradition of commemoration.
Why can't you remember alcohol


Remove the alcohol with a memorial tables

After the man departs into eternity, left on earth alive are obliged to honor the memory of deceased relative or acquaintance. It is believed that the man is alive when he is remembered. In a worthy preparation of the funeral and funeral lunch reflected our love for those who switched to another form of existence. Anyone who calls himself a Christian, in the 9th, 40th day and the anniversary of preparing the memorial meal.

Currently there is a practice of commemoration of the dead of alcohol. Tradition the most common and necessary. So many believe. Vodka or other alcohol on the table symbolizes the correctness of the Wake, and if this is not available, then relatives may even be offended. In fact, remember alcohol is strictly prohibited. It is a sin and a desecration of the memory of the deceased. You must realize that the meaning of the funeral was not just food and drink, but the memory and the prayer for the dead, as well as the creation of good deeds.

It turns out that many people go on about the crowd, cursing alcohol. This terrible tradition has no place in the history of pre-revolutionary Russia, so it is wrong to say that it has always been. It was not, people understood the need for proper commemoration. It is not customary to drink in peace, but only for the health and in moderation.

The Christian should not compromise with his conscience. And if the person is Orthodox in its essence, the main things you want not only to know but also to live in accordance with Christian tradition.



Advice 2: How to commemorate the dead

In the Christian tradition, the remembrance of the dead symbolizes belief in eternal life and in the after life "biological" life begins another, not led by the people of the earth, but no less real. Remembering, we try to help the departed from us humans in eternal life. And as the remembrance of the dead in the first place, is based on faith, all the customs are somehow connected with the Church.
How to commemorate the dead
You will need
  • * prayer;
  • * Church candles.
First, pray. As the world to which we turn in the commemoration of the dead, for us, the intangible, the basis of interaction with him is prayer. Despite the fact that remember prayer is almost always possible, there are certain days special: after the death of the third, ninth, fortieth, birthday, death day and birthday. Bring prayer at home or in the temple. It is assumed that the Church's prayer has a greater beneficial effect. The Church commemoration of the priest pronounces the names of the dead that you pass before worship in the Church kiosk, writing on the note. Also place a candle.
How to commemorate the dead
The memorial meal is also one of the important components of the funerary tradition. Meals are arranged for relatives and friends of the deceased on the third, ninth, fortieth day and anniversary. Traditionally, to the meal in front of a candle or lamp burning in one of the relatives read the 17th kathisma of the Psalter, after that, all participants read the "our father".

A few words about the memorial table. First, serve the pudding, pre-sanctified it in Church or sprinkling it with Holy water. Traditional also are the pancakes. Alcohol, contrary to popular belief, must be eliminated.

Please note that if the funeral occurred on Wednesday or Friday or time of the post, the table should be lean. And on the weekdays of lent transfer on a Saturday or Sunday.
Don't forget to visit the cemetery. To commemorate the need to light a candle and to pray diligent. Do not leave the cemetery food - better give it to the hungry. And in any case do not pour vodka on the grave, not to insult the memory of the deceased.

Habit to go to the cemetery at Easter, was formed during the years of atheism. The Church recommends to do the Easter commemoration of the dead on Tuesday, the second poslepechatnoy weeks to the day of rejoicing.
* the Church allows us to remember suicide only in the case when the disease confirmed by doctors.

Advice 3: How to remember

The deceased made the earth and is held there until the end of time or the General resurrection, which is promised by sacred Scripture – the Bible. However, the love of family and friends does not dry out to the person and after his death. He forever remains in their hearts. The Church offers several ways of remembrance of dead people.
Memorial meal - it is customary for all Orthodox Christians.

How to commemorate the dead?

Note. In the Church you can write a special note "at rest", indicating the names of their friends, relatives and loved ones. All names should be indicated in the genitive case. Such notes are not made to specify more than 15 names. They all read at least the eyes, even if these names were not uttered by the priest aloud during public worship. In most churches this kind of commemoration is considered to be shareware: you need to sacrifice for the development of the Church as much as possible.

Candles. Another type of Wake the dead are candles, delivered to the special icons. To be sure to ask the parishioners what the icon answer "for the repose". Another interesting thing: during a Church service, the priest can extinguish these candles. Ask questions at this point is not necessary. Once the priest extinguished the candles - so necessary. This is very important for Orthodox Christians - no one to distract.

Prayer. Believed to help the deceased rewarded by the zeal of the people praying for him. For this you need to ask God for mercy for the deceased in the Church. You can not pray aloud, and about myself and even my own words. The main thing here is the sincere desire of goodness and love to those who left this land.

The prayers of the poor. It is believed that the Lord hears the prayers of the poor more often than ordinary people. That's why, to commemorate his friend, or close friend, you can bring food and wine (sacramental wine) in a special place in the Church is for donations. These products are distributed in memory of the dead. You can directly help the poor – feeding them at the temple.

How to hold a funeral dinner?

Funeral diner – it is a necessary form of commemoration of the deceased. Orthodox Christians decided to hold three memorial dinner: immediately after the funeral, on the ninth and fortieth days. This ritual is to be performed in memory of any deceased Orthodox Christian, showing him respect.

The memorial meal is a normal meal. That's just to put food on the table should be specific: the funeral of the deceased decided to hold the Christmas pudding, pancakes and jelly. Everyone who came to the memorial meal, gets on the plate one pancake and a glass of jelly. If the funeral held in a cafe, to pancakes, you can put eggs, cold fish appetizers, and include lunch stuffed pancakes.

Before dinner every visitor should himself read the "our father". During the memorial meal for the dead it is necessary to remember only the good word. You can not behave relaxed, laughing, swearing, singing some or other drinking songs, and to remember anything bad about the deceased.
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