How to congratulate grandma: several options

Give grandma's birthday, a huge bouquet of gorgeous flowers or a beautiful card with no sincere greeting. This card grandma will be able to revise and recall happy moments spent with your beloved children and grandchildren.

In addition, you can send grandma a musical greeting on the phone. It will be an unexpected surprise for the birthday girl and give her a lot of good mood and positive.

For modern grandmothers, you can use SMS greetings. You can email it, for example, in poetic form (quatrains). Your greeting can include wishes for good health and long life, joy and happiness.

Arrange for grandma a pleasant surprise – to collect her best girlfriends, with whom she hasn't seen. This gift will touch her heart and will surely please the birthday girl.

If grandma is not going to celebrate your birthday, you still have a tea party with a birthday cake, at least in the narrow family circle.

What to give grandma on her birthday: option 1

Grandmothers can be divided into 2 main categories. If your grandmother - a copy of the good old ladies of the fairy tales - good, affectionate, with knitting in her hands, it is better to pick up a gift 1 category.

From the category of cozy and warm gift that shows your love and care, you can choose a warm blanket, plush Slippers, fluffy socks, scarf.

Grandmother appreciate sentimental things that remind them of what you their own bloodline. Order your service, providing services of offset printing, calendar with your family photos. Alternatively, you can give the birthday girl wall clock, a mug with a photo, photocamel, etc. you can Also just buy a nice picture frame and print your family photo.

A useful gift for grandma will be the massage set for hands, back and feet; cosmetic kits for shower and bath; towels and other fixtures.

If you want to make an expensive gift of her grandmother, think about her desires. Perhaps she always dreamed of having a big TV, but decided to save on the purchase and sits close to your little screen and spoil your eyes. Maybe she still washes hands? Buy her a washing machine to ease her work. The main thing – do not overdo it with new technologies. Be sure to teach my grandmother to use multi-function devices, since the user may not be clear.

What to give grandma on her birthday: option 2

Another category of grandparents increasingly common in our time. These grandmothers perceived themselves first as women and then as mothers and grandma. They monitor their appearance, they are rarely seen without styling, make-up and a straight posture. Well-groomed elderly ladies prefer matching gifts.

A great gift for a birthday grandma in this category will be gift certificate to a beauty salon, shop online or fashion apparel.

Active grandparents will be very pleased to receive from you a gift voucher on a journey. Here please pay attention to the personality of the birthday girl: if she loves a beach vacation at hotels prefer if the resort or wants to go on a bus tour to different countries and cities.

Invite grandma for dinner with you in a restaurant or at least café. She gladly accepts the invitation to go out.

Give your greetings and gifts with sincerity and soul! Don't be afraid to show your grandmother how much you love her.