The removal of hair

Before you remove the hair, carefully inspect the birthmark. Even though it is benign, but still the tumor. The most safe moles are flat and small in size. More dangerous from the point of view of possible transformation to melanoma moles, strongly protruding above the surface of the skin with uneven edges. We recommend that do not touch a mole. Therefore, the most harmless way of getting rid of unwanted hair — haircut. If you regularly cut the hair at the root, they will be invisible.

The other way is pulling hair with the help of cosmetic tweezers, which adjust the shape of the eyebrows. The mole must be healthy, i.e. when pressing on it should not be painful; the skin around the mole needs to be clean without signs of inflammation; the edges of moles should be smooth, and the mole is flat, uniform in color, with a diameter of no more than a pencil. If all parameters normal, then you can try to remove the hair. Stretch the skin around the mole with two fingers. This will facilitate the removal of hair and will make the process less painful. Try to grab the hair at the root, while not touching the mole. Tear out hair in one confident movement. If you didn't, leave this venture for some time, as repeated attempts can cause inflammation of the tissues of the mole. For pain you can apply local anesthetics in the form of gels.

If the hair growing out of moles, much you are concerned about, discuss with your dermatologist the possibility of permanent removal of hair or the entire mole. To remove hair permanently, you can use the electrolytic method of hair removal. But first of all, you will need to ask a dermatologist, there is no danger of development of cancer cells in this area of the skin.

Prohibited methods of hair removal

Hair is not the mole it is impossible to shave, as the razor injure its surface, which can cause severe inflammation. Waxing can cause burns, and chemical irritation. All these methods are applied for healthy smooth skin without any formations. Besides tissue moles abound in small capillaries, they are characterized by good blood supply, so the injured tissue can cause capillary bleeding with a subsequent inflammatory process. Doctors advise less to work on moles, as the mechanism of conversion of benign to malignant is still not fully understood. According to one version, to start the process, maybe even a minor injury.