Perfume is composed of perfume, alcohol and water. Their main difference between them lies in the ratio of these ingredients. Perfumes are the most concentrated kind of perfume products. In their vial contains 15 to 30% of aromatic extract, dissolved in 96% alcohol. This concentration makes the spirits much more persistent in comparison with the same water. The scent can last on the body from five hours and more, and you can catch a touch of your favorite perfume on the clothes even after a few days. As a rule, spirits are produced in small vials with the original design. But large volumes are not required, because a couple of drops is enough to smell all day. Perfume – not cheap, but if you've found your smell and want to smell exclusively to them, you should afford this purchase. Even when a plume of perfume evaporates, your body still continues to keep a subtle hint of scent. Want to seduce the partner's favorite scent, then the perfume – it's your choice.

Eau de Parfum

The content of aromatic compositions in the perfumed water is somewhat lower than in the spirits 10-20% dissolved in 90% alcohol. Eau de Parfum typically is enclosed in a bottle-a spray bottle, ensuring the optimal application and stays on the skin for about four to five hours. Today this water is the most popular type of perfumes. She is rather strong, and a small bottle you can carry with you and, if necessary, to refresh the smell. This perfume is perfect for women working in the office, which can during the lunch break wrists a couple of "zilch" of water, and went out to work – to change it to a more appropriate evening option.

Toilet water

Toilet water is the least concentrated. The content of odorous substances in it accounts for only 4-10%. Aroma composition is dissolved in 80-90% alcohol. Toilet water usually has lighter smell compared to saturated perfumowana products, and stays on the skin for two to three hours. Toilet water is also available in bottles provided with a spray, and is perfect for daily use. The cost of free water lower than perfumed spirits or equivalent. If you like to change the aroma of the mood and prefer to always be different, a few bottles of toilet water will allow you to do this.