Well-consider its decision. It is better to leave than to torment his wife and child again and again. Think about what drives your desire to return the love to his wife and baby or fear of being alone? Wait a short time to understand yourself, and when you're confident in your decision, go back to the family.

Take another look at your relationship. If the family is destroyed, between spouses there are unresolved issues and grievances. You can't blame just one person, so you need to work on them. Remember that I didn't like in you wife and try to improve. There is no point in going back to the family, if in a month the situation repeats.

Show that you have corrected

Start to communicate with his wife. If she doesn't want to see you start to come to a short meeting with the child. No need to immediately fall on their heads, especially if the break in communication was great. Make the gifts, you can apologize to them for your actions, promise to do better.

Help her in a difficult situation. This applies to child care, issues with finances, chores around the house. Do it at her request, and do offer help. Show that you want to be her protector and helper. Don't forget about the baby, he drove in circles, buy toys, help with homework and just talk.

Show your wife that you have changed and ready to change further for your future together. Remember that it annoyed you, and present yourselves in a different light. She sawed for a small income? Change the job or find a job. You took her for granted and wasn't paying attention? Make her compliments and gifts when visiting a child.

Take all the blame. When it comes to negotiations, say that it was your fault, you understand everything and are ready to work on relationships. Take all the charges, apologize for past wrongs, let her feel like you appreciate it.

Update your relationship with his wife. A reprimand, achieve a truce and offer to get out somewhere together. You need to be alone to revive romantic feelings. Invite her to a favorite restaurant, realize all the wishes of his wife. Make an unforgettable evening and captured his wife's heart again. You know her better than anyone, so you'll be able to achieve this.

After returning

Don't make the same mistakes. When you can get your wife with child, not go back to past behaviors. The second time she may not forgive you. Talk with your wife, appreciate her, make compliments and let's have a rest from household chores. If you feel that once again brewing scandal, suggest peacefully to discuss or go to a family therapist.