Benefits and harms of "Herbalife"

Biologically active food Supplement "Herbalife" improves metabolism and saturates the body with nutrients. Taking it to lose weight, the patients noted the emergence of feelings of satiety, improve digestive system. After admission and improved the condition of the skin, it becomes smooth and elastic.

"Herbalife" can benefit everyone. It is contraindicated in many diseases of internal organs, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension. You cannot take this Supplement with migraines, digestive issues, diabetes, with existing liver problems. In the product is caffeine, it contributes to the development of arrhythmia and tachycardia, increase in blood pressure. Also in the "Herbalife" contains ephedrine. This is a plant component that promotes some weight loss. However, it can be dangerous to health, because it causes palpitations, insomnia and nervous disorders. With regular use of drugs to ephedrine a risk of occurrence of depression. In excess doses can develop a heart attack or stroke.

Harmful health effects of BAD "Herbalife"

The greatest harm of dietary supplements "Herbalife" is that recommended by manufacturers to reduce the calorie content of food consumed to record-low numbers 700 kcal. It is argued that the missing nutrients are ingested together with the dietary Supplement. Often, however, eating low-calorie food leads to the development of atherosclerosis. Quite often, people who adhere to manufacturers ' recommendations "Herbalife", are beginning to suffer from mental disorders. With a long reception of "Herbalife" disrupted digestive system and the liver, developing diabetes, often migraine attacks. Particularly harmful products, "Herbalife" for pregnant women. Doctors do not recommend losing weight to women expecting a child or breast feeding.

Teas for weight loss "Herbalife" have on the body a laxative effect. This leads to loss of water, together with it displays the sodium, potassium and vital elements. The substances contained in the supplements have a negative effect on the colon, causing irritation of its mucosa. As a result the person feels unpleasant cramping abdominal pain. After discontinuation of such teas the intestinal atony. It was also noted that the use of biologically active food supplements weight decreased, however, when the "Herbalife" he came back again.