There are ladies who claim that retracting the stomach and breathing deeply at the same time, you can buy beautiful press (almost cubes) without any effort (the limit themselves in food, sports, etc.). Response a chorus of voices claims that involve the stomach is bad, because he stiffens, and this causes a spasm. The experts on this subject is its own point of view.

It is possible or not to pull the stomach

Really stomach can, but do it wisely. For example, if you perform physical exercise. In yoga there is when you need to breath to hold my stomach in, and exhale to relax. This achieves the necessary pumping of the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall, the organs are saturated with oxygen (the breath very deep), and the nervous system attains harmony.
Before you begin to perform this exercise, carefully read the recommendations of experts for correct execution. If at the time you start to feel funny, take a break.

On the other hand, involve the stomach permanently is extremely harmful. Because of this, disturbed posture, loses the natural rhythm of breathing, which leads to significant health problems, because authorities no longer supplied with oxygen in the required quantities.

Also, when you pull the belly, straining and intestines. As a result of frequent retraction of the abdomen can develop digestive problems. By displacement of the bowel, though not particularly strong, still able to disturb the natural process.
If a person is prone to blood clots, even a slight compression of the vessels of the intestine can lead to rather unpleasant consequences and complications.

How to adjust the stomach

To adjust the stomach is possible using conventional pumping press. Of course, to add the breathing practice no one bothers you - and the result will appear faster.

Do not try to pull the belly belt or corset. You simply pull that will cause the same problems as in the case of compression of the intestine.

Experts recommend to learn not to involve the stomach and straining the muscles of the abdomen. To do this, you will not have to breathe deeply. You only need to be able to do muscle stone. In this case, you will have a nice press without any harm.

Is it possible to involve the stomach during pregnancy

Some ladies manage to hold my stomach in early pregnancy. Doctors strongly recommend that you do. Indeed, suppose that such a procedure does not seriously harm the fetus. However, the baby may be uncomfortable from such experiments. If pregnancy is the problem, this procedure is strictly prohibited. Because the wrong in this situation can easily lead to miscarriage.