If you have decided to arrange a pleasant surprise for your second half but can't find anything suitable among the range of shops it's the perfect excuse to do everything with your hands. Such a gift will bring more joy, because it will be made with love.

Certificate of desires

You first need to make the envelope. This will need beautiful decorative cardboard, ribbon, flowers and all sorts of stuff for decoration.

Cut out the rectangle and fold it in half in the form of postcards. On the inner side of the right stick a small rectangle from the remnants of cardboard so that your certificate is inserted into the resulting pocket. Decorate the outside cover to your liking, you can use the techniques of scrapbooking.

Put the envelope aside. Take a sheet of decorative paper, draw a beautiful frame and write a great headline "a Gift certificate for 5,000 points".

Below is list of desires that can order your favourite, but on the contrary indicate their point value. For example, massage – 600 points Breakfast in bed – 800, a romantic dinner 1500 points. You can include a purely male points: football with friends, playing video games, going to a bar or release from tidy. In this case you have to leave a loved one alone, not to criticize and not to call him every half an hour.

The last item can be left blank, all of a sudden the second half has its own plans for you.

The book of desires

Instead of a certificate you can give a loved one a book. Order your book or make the layout yourself.

As the background pages use photos or romantic pictures. At every turn the bottom of the page make the unit with a beautiful frame. Inside write a wish and draw a line of separation.

Such a gift you both will really enjoy. Favorite be able to take certificates as needed, and you just enjoy watching the photos. By the way, you can use the certificate not only your man but also you. Make a couple of nice desires purely for themselves, for example, a whole day without Internet or a walk in the Park just the two of us.

Cards wishes

If it is a pity to spoil a book, make a separate card with the desires. Pack them in a beautiful box decorated with a bow and present to your Valentine. When he wants to use the card, he will give it to you. And you will be required to fulfill what is written in it.