Agree with your spouse about what part of the property will belong to you after divorce. If you haven't made an agreement before marriage (prenuptial contract), it is possible to discuss this before applying for divorce. In the event of a dispute, according to law, the issue decided by the courts.
Contact the court at the place of residence with a claim about section of property. Can make a document for yourself, to seek the assistance of an experienced lawyer, etc. Keep a copy for yourself with a mark about its acceptance. The statement will list the property for which you are applying. You can share only those things purchased during the marriage. The fact that you or your spouse (e) present or that (s) he acquired before the marriage, to share not be able. With the exception of the cases when you have made a significant contribution to the improvement of the property and can prove it in court. For example, to show the receipts for the purchase of building material for your account in the construction or renovation of a house belonging to the second half before the marriage, or checks for payment of loan for housing, acquired earlier than the second half, with your signature. It could be the testimony of neighbors, that you did the overhaul yourself with your own funds. However, all this is debatable and requires a thorough confirmation.
Try to decide on the fate of the property acquired in marriage, until the start of the trial. In accordance with the provisions of the law, you have the right exactly half of the jointly acquired property, regardless of whether you invested in buying it your money or not. The same applies to the payment of the loan or mortgage. All monetary debts are divided equally by the court. If you have a disability, the court may reduce your share of payment, but not more than 1/3.
Section the court, in the absence of a peace agreement spouse subject and the vehicle, regardless of who used it during the marriage. There is usually all depends on the spouses themselves, or they will have to sell the property and divide the funds equally between them or to pay the other spouse half the cost of the machine and continue to use it. If there is no compromise, the court will decide the issue in favor of the sale.
Can make one claim for divorce, alimony child support and division of property – in this case, all matters will be dealt with in one trial. The document will list the information about all the property. If you are aware of the existence of, for example, Bank deposits husband (wife), apply to the court made a request to the relevant authorities to confirm or deny the information. In this case, all will also be equally divided between you.
Prepare the documents of title to the marital property, as well as paper, confirming its value. If it is impossible to decide in this matter, please contact your appraiser. Usually this is a paid service, but then you will know exactly what amount you can qualify. The court will examine the documents in the proper order, will give them a legal assessment and after consideration will make a decision.