Straight flowing hair, just dried by the dryer, quickly bored. You want diversity, and women often ponder what kind of packing to do.

For help in creating a beautiful styling comes a huge Arsenal of means and devices: Curling irons, curlers, straightening irons, Bobby pins, barrettes and more.

Heat styling

If you want perfectly smooth hair, use a straightening iron. Wash your hair, blow dry and smooth each strand of hair. It is not recommended to use a flat iron on wet hair it can lead to excessive evaporation of the liquid and dry ends.

Create waves and curls will help tongs and rollers. Simply twist the strands, hold the necessary amount of time and fix the paint. Wavy curls can be left in the extended or stab invisible from one side.

Heat styling is better to use ceramic appliances with adjustable temperature. Do not forget to use heat tools, this will prevent dryness and hair breakage and split ends.

Cool styling

Styling under the name "Malvina" is very simple, thus suitable for every day and for special occasions. Necesite the hair on the crown and secure the top strands in the occipital region. For an evening out, you can use a beautiful barrette with stones, crystals or flowers. The remaining hair Express either smooth or wavy – your choice.

Another variant of this styling: instead of the fleece and hair clips braid the front strands in thin braids or plaits. Gather them at the nape, securing with a rubber band or tape.

Stylish styling in careless waves creates a feeling that you spent half a day at the seaside. To create, spray to wet hair the brine: one Cup of hot water add two tablespoons of salt, a teaspoon of sea salt and a teaspoon of almond oil. Clutching the hair, you will achieve a light disorder, and twirling the strands in his fingers, waves and curls. Drying this packing need in a natural way, the dryer will damage it.

On flowing hair look beautiful with various accessories: headbands, headbands, barrettes in the form of flowers, etc. In everyday life they can be designed in a minimalist style, and for special occasions they are adorned even with precious stones.