Beautiful, strong and shiny hair - it looks like hair after the lamination. Despite the fact that today this treatment is very popular, many ladies ask a lot of questions associated with it. One of them - how much is a lamination of hair.

How much is a lamination of hair

Clearly stated price tag you will not be issued. Because the cost of such procedures depends on the image of the salon. Naturally, in the cabin of economy class to laminate the hair will cost much cheaper than in the salon world.
It is not necessary to think that in economy class you will make a poor quality lamination. Some small hairdresser's on the approach to the client and selection of the masters can sometimes give a head start to large beauty salons.

By itself, the procedure lamination hair is not a budget. For example, the lower threshold 1700-2000 R. And that's taking into account the various discounts or promotions.

On average, salons asking for the procedure, about 3500 rubles. Of course, in the salons where they work the eminent master, the upper limit is not limited.

Also the cost of lamination depends on what type of procedure was used. For example, if there was to be a bio-lamination is the easiest way and time-consuming, and the materials it will be cheaper. Phytolamination might be more expensive, as they use special vitaminized composition. If it is about the glaze, it will cost more. This is due to the fact that the hair is not only restored, but also receive treatment. Elyuminirovanie will cost even more, because it not only strengthens and protects hair, but also stain them.
The cost of lamination consists of different nuances related procedures, the degree of neglect to the hair, etc. So the final price you will only be called at the end of the procedure.

Also, the cost of laminating effect and hair length. Of course, short hair will cost you less than a medium length or long. However, the long hair lamination looks the most beautiful.

What you should know

Specialists say that sometimes it is necessary to indulge yourself and go through the procedure lamination hair. And no need to spare money for it, because your hair will definitely thank you.

Proved that even a simple lamination significantly improves the quality of hair. After the procedure, the hair is moisturized, strengthened and look very strong, shiny and healthy.