Barbers say that there is absolutely no time limit for the procedure lamination hair. Anyone can visit the salon as often as required by his aesthetic Outlook. The fact that to oversaturate the hair with nutrients, according to experts, is simply impossible. The hair absorbs as much as he should.
On the other hand, lamination of hair is a procedure which is to place the hair into a kind of breathable transparent capsule. This capsule is quite durable, it can withstand environmental influences and is not destroyed when washing hair. Therefore, from a practical point of view, there is no need to do lamination of hair more often than once every three to four weeks. It's just pointless. No matter how often the procedure was carried out the laminating, the product with which it is able to increase the hair thickness by only ten percent, and no cumulative effect is not observed.
Customers of beauty salons, repeatedly tried the lamination process on himself, saying that the effect lasts on the hair for a few weeks. In addition, some claim that with regular use of this procedure, the hair is gradually becoming more healthy, and over time, the lamination can be carried out less and less, that is, the interval between treatments increases.
Some argue that a completely healthy hair, the lamination is hardly noticeable, but to envelop a special compound split, damaged or very thin hair – this is almost the only way to quickly get the volume and gloss. Oddly enough, there are some contraindications for lamination of hair, but they are not related to the procedure. The fact that the hair that has thick, dense structure, it is not necessary to cover the additional shell. The volume, which is formed after lamination hair Asian style, looks extremely unnatural, such hair is very difficult to care for, and even harder to do styling such hair.