Italian pizza is traditionally made from thin unleavened dough. Homemade pizza can be cooked from different types of dough, but the classic pizza is cooked just so.

How to make thin pizza dough

For this test you need the following ingredients:
- flour – 175 g
- ¼ Teaspoon of salt,
- ¼ Teaspoon of dry yeast,
- warm water – 125 ml
- olive oil – tablespoon.

Mix the flour, yeast and salt, this is best done using a food processor. In a separate container, mix water and oil. The liquid is introduced into the flour mixture, then knead the dough. It should be stirred until then, until the mixture becomes homogeneous.

Table sprinkle with flour in the place where you are going to knead the dough. The contents of the tank to dump on a floured spot, knead for 2-3 minutes. Dough to shift in a bowl and brush with olive oil. Now it is better to cover everything with plastic wrap and place about half an hour in a warm place. The dough should double increase in volume. If it has happened before, the bowl it's time to reveal.

Now the dough must how hybrids approximately two to three minutes. Again to put it on a surface sprinkled with flour, roll into a thin circle. Lay the tortilla on a baking tray, pre-greased. To form a small circle on the rim, fill with stuffing. It is necessary to bake until then, until it is finished filling. After baking, the pizza is thin, soft and crispy.

Pizza dough yeast free

Thin pizza dough can be prepared without yeast. You will need the following products:
- 2 cups of flour,
- 2 eggs,
- half a Cup of milk,
- olive oil – teaspoon
- salt to taste.

Flour mixed with salt. In another bowl, beat the eggs, add warm milk and stir. Topped with olive oil, mixed again. You can do it with a beater.

Small portions pour in the flour-egg-milk mixture, stirring constantly mass. Now the dough must be stirred. If the dough sticks to hands, hands to sprinkle with flour. The dough should knead for about ten minutes, it should become elastic. Dough should form a ball, wrap it in a damp towel and put on fifteen minutes in a warm place.

The dough should be rolled as thin as possible. From the platen, you can transfer it to a baking dish using a rolling pin. Quick yeast-free pizza dough ready. Stacked on top of the filling, put the form in the preheated oven. The pizza should bake until then, until you prepared the filling.