Know the features of converting one format to another is very important, including to convert djvu file format to doc. This is due to the fact that the majority of popular books today, you can find it in the djvu format, and transform them into doc using the usual copy-and-paste impossible.

The conversion with ABBYY Finereader

Problem converting djvu format in the first place, due to the fact that at its core, the djvu format is a picture, and the image converted into text format is not easy. To convert djvu format to. doc using ABBYY Finereader. You need to download and install ninth version of this product, then the conversion process will be completed in a matter of seconds. In order to convert djvu to doc, you need to carry out text recognition on the image (djvu file). The output will be a ready information in the text version.

Other conversion methods

You can use other software, but in this case, the procedure for converting file from one format to another will take longer. For example, you can install the program DJVU JPEG. This software converts djvu file to jpeg and then to doc format. The entire conversion procedure is performed in three steps. First you need to install this program and alter the file format of djvu to jpeg. You then start the process of recognizing an image as text, and then save the resulting text file.

There is another option of recognition. In this case you will need to install two programs - the Converter DJVU PDF Converter PDF DOC. To translate the file format of djvu to doc format, you need the original file to convert to pdf. This extension is quite common, and therefore can suit almost any Converter. After the user receives the file with the extension pdf, you can use the second Converter to just change the extension to text format.

In the end it turns out that the way to convert djvu file format to doc there are quite a lot. Some of them are - can be solved independently by each user. The only thing that all converters are different from each other - spent on the conversion time.