The second-hand stores: what are they

The second hand goods sold in different outlets. Low-price stores selling weight, offer mostly used clothes and new things cheap network models. More expensive point bargaining remains unsold collections, and things of the average price level is usually not presented in Russia. Luxury stores offer branded clothing and accessories - here you can find a real treasure for a tenth of their original price.

Experienced buyers are recommended to come to the stores on the first day of receipt of the goods. About the exact dates of the importation of another batch can be learn by phone. Among the novelties you can find unique things, but the search will have to spend a lot of time. If you want to save, go to the store immediately before the new batch - things previous supplies at this time to sell for a symbolic price.

Shop at stores with good fitting cabins. Choose all your favorite things, and then try them on, composing the sets.

It's worth buying

Second-hand should look for the original brand, not represented in the Russian shops. Many French, Italian, Dutch or Norwegian brands that are popular abroad are not available in our boutiques and you can find them only in the stock market. If you do not want to buy used things, look for products with labels.

Pay attention to simple knit - shirts, tank tops, turtlenecks. Second-hand you can find things from pure cotton or silk, very good cut. Should try and jeans, blouses, sports suits. Sometimes in the drains gets high-quality outerwear - coats, coats, jackets. The most difficult to buy shoes is usually a second-hand very limited dimensional scale.

In stock stores should go and those who like unusual things in the style of ethno, hippie-chic, grunge. Search for dresses, skirts, shawls and blouses made of natural fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, wool. Colorful poncho, stole or chasuble unusual colors will decorate any wardrobe. Don't forget that the thing can be converted to obesity the figure, hem, remove sleeves or deepen the neckline.

Buying the clothes, decide in advance what you'll be wearing it. To jeans or skirts denim suit fancy hosiery, colored blouses, loose shirts made of natural fabrics. In business wardrobe will fit well with simple blouses and tops. Second-hand you can find a very interesting evening dresses in vintage style. Even if you put bought dress only once, the purchase can be considered successful. Besides the chance to meet another girl in the same outfit will not - almost all of the things second-hand are presented in a single copy.