Reconsider your closet: you need to make it rationally, because if you have a lot of incongruous with each other outfits are unlikely to look in them properly. In order not to waste your money, buy a few neutral things that are well combined among themselves. Different images you can create with accessories — scarves, belts, etc. Choosing basic things, keep in mind that they must match your style.
If you want to strictly conform to fashion, buy a new thing every season. To save money, do not try to create our own way of new things, buy one or two from the new collection and combine them with basic clothes. When choosing things you do not seek to purchase the most trendy: it may be enough for one season, and the next will look ridiculous. Buy the one that will be relevant for another year or two.
Paradoxically, to dress up inexpensive, buy expensive quality stuff. Buy a nice skirt instead of three, but one that in two years will look great.
Buy items on sale even in the middle of the season it is possible to catch good discounts. Do not pass by the shops "sekond-HEND". There is quite possible to meet brand-new and quality items at competitive prices.
Dress cheap through bulk purchases. If you know exactly which brand suits you, take your time and look for sites which will be able to carry out joint procurement. Such resources, there is one drawback: most joint procurement organized in major cities. If you don't live in the city, you can get in touch with the organizer of the procurement and arrange the shipment of the parcel to your address.