Casual is a style of casual clothing that is appropriate to wear to work. Its other name is random. Unlike business dress code, casual is a simplified and convenient version of the classic clothes for work. Employees need to choose your wardrobe so that it conform to classical standards, looked neat and restrained but not too formal.

Things that are appropriate with this style of pants and skirts in various soothing shades, Polo, sweater, shirt, classic day dresses. When choosing the outfit it is not necessary to include in this style of jeans, sportswear, items, flashy colors, as well as tops, t-shirts and short skirts.

Do not confuse concepts such as randomness and dirtiness. Casual absolutely does not imply the presence of baggy faded fabrics, which only detracts from the appearance of the person. In addition, such a style, like many others, implies a neatness in everything. You should pay attention not only to clothing, but also General appearance: hair, skin, nails, and other components your image.

Special attention to girls should be paid to her wardrobe, as is often the pursuit of beauty, they lose a sense of proportion and taste. The casual look is characterized by its simplicity and convenience. It is not necessary to wear cocktail or evening dresses, skirts should cover the knees, and shoes must cover the toes. And don't forget about makeup, because it is also a part of your image, which should not get out of General view.