Where sabrefish

Sabrefish is mainly found in water bodies located in the South of Russia. She prefers to dwell in deep streams, choosing areas with the most clean water and sandy bottom. The sabrefish avoids silted and weedy areas of the pond.

Experienced anglers claim that spring, night, evening, and partly in the morning, this fish keeps near the bottom, and in the summer, on the contrary, near the surface, catching fallen into the water insects.

What kind of tackle to catch sabrefish

Catching sabrefish in spring and summer – quite an exciting experience. By its nature, like the thieving magpie - a very cheeky and fidgety. Meanwhile, in one place anglers with the experience manage to catch a few dozen specimens of this fish.

The choice of tackle for catching sabrefish depends solely on the time of year. Depends on where the fish swims close to the surface or the bottom. It is usually caught by fly fishing, float rod into a transaction with a lure and on the bottom gear, rubber band.

The fishing-rod for catching sabrefish should be elastic, but durable. Line – 0,2-0,25 mm and hooks № 5-6. If chehon dwells closer to the surface of the water, it can safely fish without sinkers, floating bait on the surface and float, however, samagrasya for easy casting and more true to the definition of the bite.

The best time to catch sabrefish

Best catching sabrefish on the morning dawn, just after sunrise. At this time, according to experienced anglers, sabrefish gives small bursts. Finding the fish, carefully approach the place and without losing time, throw the bait.

Bait for sabrefish

The best bait for catching sabrefish are maggots. On one hook you can plant two or three larvae, all depending on their size. In the spring, sabrefish successfully bite on bloodworms. Perfectly caught this fish on top without sinkers fly, fresh manure worm, grasshopper. However, the sinking lure, it also takes readily. With excellent bite anglers are advised to use pieces of foam rubber and foam balls instead of maggots, because they will not narutoverse when the fish goes on the shaft.