The use of hirudotherapy

As practice shows, leeches help even in cases where helpless modern methods of treatment. In hirudotherapy used exclusively by medical leeches. Ordinary leeches, which are found in ponds, do not have therapeutic effect. Medicinal leeches grown at the bio-mills. Appreciate it a blood-sucking creature for the saliva, which contains a large number of medicinal substances: vitamins, hirudin, hormones and enzymes.

Before beginning treatment with leeches need to pass a full medical examination. Based on the conclusion girudoterapevt will prescribe a course. Depending on health problems, the doctor will determine the most appropriate place to land leeches. The bite of this creature is virtually painless due to the anesthetic action of saliva. A leech attaches itself and holds up as long as they don't drink blood, and then disappears. The procedure lasts about forty minutes. Often, the "swamp healers" themselves feel the area where you need to intervene.

In ancient times believed that leeches can cure only hypertension and varicose veins. In fact, the means of these blood-sucking is pretty versatile. Leech therapy is recommended for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system (this method of treatment is a good prevention of hypertension, heart attacks and strokes). In addition, leech is a emergency help with migraines. Also hirudotherapy to treat ophthalmic, urological and gynecological diseases (prostatitis, inflammation of the ovaries, fibroids, polycystic).

Lately, experts have started treatment with leech therapy infertility. Scheme was created for the production of medical leeches, according to which they treat married couples. After this procedure, the male sperm become much more active, while women are removed stagnation of blood in the pelvis. Therefore, the probability of conceiving a child with each procedure only increases.

In cosmetology used leeches are small in size. They are placed in the skin around the eyes. Small wrinkles are smoothed out after that. After this course of treatment the skin becomes elastic, improves complexion.

Contraindications to treatment with leeches

Usually the treatment with leeches no complications, so this method is considered harmless to health. But some people after the session formed a strong redness in the places of bites. If the spot diameter is about ten inches, the procedure, the patient canceled. Possible allergic reactions such as sneezing, runny nose or burning eyes. In this case, you must take antihistamines.

Leech therapy is contraindicated in diseases of the blood, low blood pressure, cirrhosis, anemia, stomach ulcer, viral hepatitis of the liver, frequent bleeding from the nose. Should abandon treatment with leeches during pregnancy.