Brain cancer: causes

The reasons because of which a person develops brain cancer, is still not fully understood, as in the case of other cancers. Nevertheless, scientific data show the factors that most often precede the development of the disease:
- genetic predisposition;
- Smoking;
- trauma to the head;
- radiation effect;
- work in hazardous industries (oil, rubber, chemicals);
- the breach of immune system (HIV infection, organ transplantation, treatment with chemotherapy);
- use of poor quality food with lots of carcinogens;
- adverse environmental conditions;
- chronic stress.

However, these factors can be attributed only to contribute to the occurrence of brain cancer, since a direct relationship between them and the disease is not established.

Brain tumors are more common in men than in women. Some types of tumors (e.g., meningiomas) are found more frequently in women. Most brain tumors in adults is celebrated at the age of 65-79 years. Children also may the appearance of this disease. The risk of occurrence of primary tumors of the brain in Europeans is higher than that of the other races.

Brain cancer: prevention

What is known to science — it may appear any disease if exhausted resource of any human organ. The liver often becomes ill as the result of alcohol abuse, malnutrition, muscles after excessive physical exertion, and the teeth — after excessive consumption of sweets and neglect the rules of hygiene. All this is well known. But what can we say about the human brain?

People often enough sleep, not letting him fully recover, go to sleep, continuing to think about many different problems. And the brain becomes unable to complete their work to the next day to start work in full force.

Many people drink energy drinks and coffee to stimulate brain activity, and at night to drink sleeping pills to go to sleep. A lot of people are nervous and worried constantly experiencing anxiety and stress.

Of course, nothing can guarantee 100% health. However, what people really can do to protect your physical and mental condition at least once a year to pass preventive examinations from the doctors.