You will need
  • Antibacterial cleanser, pharmaceutical cream, antibiotics.
Seek help from a doctor or dermatologist if you are unable to cope with the problem. He will identify the cause and extent of the disease, prescribe the appropriate treatment. The rash occurs due to excess of male hormones (androgens), increased production of sebum and keratinization of the skin.
Clean the face every morning and evening means for oily, problem and mixed skin. These include foams, gels with salicylic acid and its derivatives. Never use scrubs, they only aggravate the situation - mechanical damage and so inflamed skin.
After cleansing, wipe dry your face. Just keep in mind that in wet tissue always contains bacteria. So always use a clean or disposable towel.
Apply daily (2 times daily) in a thin layer on the skin gel or cream that contains retinoids. They dissolve dead skin cells, reduce the production of sebum and have anti-inflammatory properties. Currently, in pharmacies, a large selection of such funds.
With 2 and 3 degrees rash, take oral antibiotics, as one of external exposure of the skin here is not enough. The duration of treatment at least 3 months.
Adjust your diet, because the condition of the skin depends on the food. Exclude from the diet of fatty, smoked, salty and spicy. Switch to more vegetables, fruits, herbs, grains, and dairy products. Studies have shown that low calorie food helps to reduce the production of androgens.