Call pediatrician to the house

The child's illness is an ordeal for parents. If the disease is fairly easy, for examination and prescribing the right treatment mom and dad bring baby to the clinic on their own. If the disease accompanied by high fever, convulsions, loss of consciousness and other serious symptoms, parents should call the district home.

Strict regulations about in which cases you should call the doctor at home, does not exist. All this is very individual. In this case, mom and dad must evaluate the health of the baby and, if necessary, call the district pediatrician. If parents think of the child not to the hospital, specialists will be required to take call.

If the body temperature of the baby rose during the day above the level equal to 38оС, it is already a substantial reason to call the pediatrician.
Call the professionals for no reason still not to be.

How to call a doctor

Children's doctor works on a specific schedule. It is advisable to always have it handy to know what time the doctor will be able to come. Usually take calls before lunch and in the afternoon, the doctor visits sick children at home.

To call a doctor, dial the number of the children's clinic and the duty to inform about the child's illness and the necessity of its inspection on the home. You also need to briefly describe the main symptoms of the disease.

It is very important duty to inform the exact address and your mobile number. The arrival of the doctor must be carefully prepared. The apartment should be cleaned. It is desirable to take care of the Shoe covers for the pediatrician.
If the clinic refuse to accept the challenge, citing lack of time or lack good reasons to call the pediatrician at the house, you can then write a complaint to the chief physician of the institution.

If a child is ill in the evening, on weekends, or if you need help urgently, you should immediately call the ambulance station. The duty will take the call and send to the specified address the crew of medical workers. But calling the ambulance is an extreme measure. If possible, it is better to invite to the house of a pediatrician that will not only give an antipyretic or pain reliever, but also prescribe treatment, after which it will be necessary to see a doctor.