You will need
  • - ticket to the bus or commuter train;
  • - map of Saratov region.
The village is located in the suburbs of Saratov. The bus goes to a point of destination with the bus stop "Stadium of Volga" which is located on the Avenue of Enthusiasts, 18. August 1, 2013 the population serves route 226К message Saratov — Red textilschik. To the bus stop "Stadium of Volga" can be reached by trams 2, 7, 8, buses 18D, 28, 389 and taxis 105, 14, 21, 16, 217, 55, 26, 83, 63.
Buses run daily from 05:50 to 19:30 every 20 min. Though often the buses run this route in the winter formed a large queue of passengers. Journey time is one hour.
By car from Saratov to red Textile workers can be reached in 30 — 40 min., the fuel consumption will average 3-4 L. Also the transportation services offered by the taxi drivers. The average person, they take 100 R. Road to the village of poor quality, many potholes, often causing accidents.
The nearest railway station is located in the village Bagaevka 5 km to the North of the red textile workers. The station lies on a branch of Saratov — Petrov Val. To get to Bagaevka should take the train 6316 Tarkhany — Karamysh at 17:59. After 40 min. commuter train arrives to the village. The ticket costs 18 p. To a red Textile worker you can walk, hitch a ride or wait for a passing bus.
Red textilschik attracts guests the main attraction of the village — building factory, built in 1900. The building is one of the brightest monuments of that era in the Saratov region. Even today it is a weaving factory. In summer there is beautiful nature, fishing on the Volga. The population of the red Textile workers does not exceed 4,000 people. In the village there are secondary school, Central regional hospital, post office, two kindergartens, Orthodox parish to them. Xenia Of St. Petersburg.