You will need
  • centimeter to measure the parameters of the body;
  • - tracing paper or graph paper;
  • pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - the range.
Choose the style of apron you want to make. This can be a one-piece apron, the apron in two parts, with patch pockets or the other. In the help image from the Internet, and magazines on housekeeping. For a first experience sewing you can choose a simple one-piece model, the description of which is given below.
Remove the necessary measurements. You will need to measure the length (from bust to the hip line), the length of the hem (from the hip line to your desired length, for example, knee), waist girth and hip girth. Write all the resulting numbers.
Start designing the pattern. Draw on tracing paper or graph paper a rectangle, the side which will be the length of the front, and the top and bottom poluobhvat waist (natural waist, split in half). Then draw a vertical line in the middle of the rectangle. The bottom point of this line, mark as A.
Aside from the line And perpendicular to the Central direct two segments, each of which is equal to a quarter of the circumference of the hips. Label the endpoints of the segments as B and C. Then draw segments perpendicular already drawn from the points B and C. the length of the segments must be the length of the hem. Connect lines a horizontal line at the bottom. You should now have two rectangles adjacent to each other on one side.
Draw two smooth concave line from the top vertex of the rectangle to points B and C. Thus, your apron will shift. If you want, you can add to the pattern, patch pockets or a ruffle at the bottom. Ready to cut the pattern at the lines, and it is ready to use.