Use one of the largest search engine in the Internet like Google. Search the name and surname of the person, and add to Refine the city of Kharkov and any other information, such as your address. Think than a man can have. Perhaps you are aware of the address of his personal website or email. Perhaps you will find it on any of these data.
Review the search results. Most likely, the first few links will lead to the accounts of people with appropriate name and surname in social networks, forms and chat rooms, web sites, ads, etc. Study them to find out information about the desired person. Pay special attention to the social network. Sign up on one of these resources to take advantage of internal search engine. Try to search for residents of Kharkiv. So you will be able to find the right person or family communication that will help determine his current location.
Will continue the search using various phone and address directories on the Internet. Will focus on free resources to avoid becoming a victim of fraudulent sites that "get" money from visitors. Also pay attention to the date of the information as possible, you will not be able to find someone so if he recently moved. If the search was unsuccessful, purchase a printed reference works in Kharkov and review them.
Contact the telephone enquiry service of Kharkiv in room 109 or 1509. Try to update the operator address of the person or his phone number by your name and surname. If you are aware of additional data, let them also so as not to arouse the suspicion of the specialist.
Post a free ad about a missing person in one of the Newspapers of Kharkov, for example, "Kharkov courier" or "Kharkiv advertising". Address and phone of editions you'll find in urban reference books. Let the signs of man, time of loss, give a photo and save your coordinates for communication. Perhaps you someone will contact me, where is the one you are looking for.
Hire a private detective, referring to one of the agencies of Kharkov. The services of a specialist are paid, however, so you can quickly find the right person and get detailed information about it. Free help is available to the police in Kharkiv by submitting to one of the offices of the interior Ministry's statement about a missing person.