Advice 1: Who are Christina and Dan's good-Natured

Many Internet users are familiar with Christina Tributes and good-Natured. Couple of kids in love provides an example of how to develop a real relationship between a man and a woman.
Children's love is the most sincere

Love story

The development of the relationship between Christina and Danae watched by thousands of fans from around the world. At the moment, teenagers for 15 years. Their story began in early childhood. Dan and Christina met on the Playground. When they turned 7 years old, went to school. Stage of a serious relationship started at the age of thirteen. For several years the couple talks about their relationship, posting on a social network joint photos. The guys try their hand at acting, participating in youth movements, compose and sing ballads about love. After-school sweethearts get together to go to University. How many touching poems Dan was dedicated to his beloved Christine. Sincere feelings become the reason for the popularity of Teens.
Christina and Dan always appear together in public, take part in different events and shows. Fans are watching with interest the development of their relationship.

Daniel and Christine was in one of the most popular social networks "Vkontakte". In the column "marital status," Christine says she's married to a good-Natured Tribute. Each day the girl puts on your page new photos that captured the moments of the joint leisure of children. A popular pair is a frequent guest photo shoots, fashion shows, TV shows because the theme of love between the Russian Romeo and Juliet is quite relevant. The guys released their debut song "Love is stronger" and shot a video. You can see photos of lovers from Christina's birthday and her concerts.

The guys in the social network thousands of subscribers. It's the people who are interested to follow the life of a young couple, view photos and find out what Christina and the Tribute was a new day. Guys post videos of the joint activities, visits, meetings and parties. The good-Natured Daniel was born 25 December 1997, and Christina 21 January 1998. The boy is a Korean martial art - Taekwondo, physically fit, able to stand up for his lady love. Christine is a diligent student in school, good singing and excellent dancing.

People's opinions

Fans think Danny is very cute and versatile boy. He watches over his style often changes hairstyles.

There is an opinion that love is a continuous story and PR for the guys, and they are each other brother and sister. Proof - the resemblance of teenagers. Perhaps the parents are directly related to the development and popularity of children. People's love and admiration can help in the future guys. They engaged in creative activities: are the concerts, singing. And for the actor and singer it is very important to be recognizable, it is important to have a history that will be remembered. Fans of the couple firmly believe that the guys have a serious and durable relationship,and their feelings are mutual. Only time will be able to put everything in its place, and the truth will come out.

Advice 2: Who is Lin Tribute

Chinese badminton player with the name a Tribute to and a surname Lin is considered the most likely contender for victory in the singles event of the men's badminton at the summer Olympics in London. Sports biography of this unique athlete and his current position in the world rating give grounds for this assumption.
Who is Lin Tribute

In mid-October 2012, Chinese athlete turns 29 years old and at this age he won all the top titles that exist in the competition's singles world badminton. His first victory at the international level ten years ago was winning in South Korea tournament, which is part of the world Grand Prix series. All in all, the competition in this series in his career, Lin has won more than three dozen. In 2006, the Chinese badminton player for the first time won the world Cup and since then only once, in 2010, gave world title rivals.

Three sportsman from China participated in the Asian games and the Olympic games are held every four years. If you consider that the Asian badminton players dominate in this sport, the level of the participants of this competition may surpass the level of the Olympians. However, the collection of awards, Dunham collected at this tournament includes three gold and one silver and bronze medals.

Olympics in London - the third in the career of Lin Dan. In 2004, he could not cope with excitement and was eliminated after the first game. The following Olympic games were held in Beijing and brought Chinese badminton player gold medal of this competition. Statistics of encounters with rivals unique on the planet there is no player who has assets in more victories than defeats in the encounters with Lin. No less unique experts and his style of play, which allows you to put offensive shots from almost any location site. Disrespectful to opponents and the fact that Lin Tribute - left-handed.

It is noteworthy that the wife of a Chinese athlete Xie Sinfan also included in the elite of world badminton - except for wins in a large number of tournaments, she was twice champion of the world. At the Olympics in Beijing the wife of Lin Dan won the silver medal.

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