Contemporary music and technology industry offers a large variety of gadgets for listening to music from professional bulky equipment to Amateur small mp3 players. Person mobile and busy perfect portable players, accompanied by a small headset, which is as twisted as easily fit into a pocket.
Headphones "drops" and "ear" for all its ease of use are, perhaps, the only drawback: sometimes their wires get tangled up so much that the straightening takes a lot of time and effort. It is best to keep the headphone wire straight and all helps a small bag. Pick up an accessory, slightly exceeding the size of your player.
Good phone case, recorded by lightning. Now before you remove the player in a bag, wrap around the headphone wire and put the device in the case. Comfortable, sturdy handbag, not only will not allow the headset to be confused, but will keep the gadget from possible damage.
Quickly and gently roll the headphones without the help of additional items. Take in the left hand the two "droplets" perpendicular to the palm of your hand so that the wire is facing upwards (in the direction of stretched thumb). Headphones clamp the four fingers into a fist. Right hand moving clockwise, wrap the wire around the palm of your hand. Make the loop tight and hold them with your fingers, so that the new layers of the wire superimposed one upon the other, but not confused. The resulting "ring" gently attach to the player and put in a small pocket – if it is not too loose, the headphones do not get tangled.
The following method is suitable for long-term and neat storage of headphones without player. Hold out your index finger and little finger of the right hand, while hold the palm near the middle and ring fingers. Disconnect headphones from the player, and hang them on the index finger so that "droplets" hanging to the outer side of the palm. Get the wire for the little finger to the side of the nail, make a "ring" around your finger and lift the wire to the index finger.
Wrap the wire and around it in the same way, then "descend" downward. Tighten the wire around the fingers sweep eights, moving from index finger to little finger. Hold the wire with your thumb so they don't move out and not confused. The free end of the wire tape around the thinnest part of the "eight" is the one that was left between his fingers. Remove the headphones from your fingers, thread the wire into one of the rings of eight – this will fix the composition.