There are special containers for storing the headphones. Here everything is provided for your convenience, you carefully wrap the headphone wire on a special basis, and they have no opportunity to tangle. There are also bags (covers) for storage of headphones, sometimes they are included with the headset. But they wire often manage to get lost. Choose suitable container or bag you can at any hardware store, appealed for help to the sales assistant.
Gently fold the headphones can, wrapped them around the player. At first glance this method may seem complicated, but in fact it is not. Take the cable for 5-10 inches before the plug and fold it from the usual loop of medium size, press to player. Keeping the shape of the loops, then wrap the headphones around the player.
Fold the speakers together. From the wires leading speakers make a small loop, departing in this case from speakers of 5-7 cm Insert a small loop into a large one which was created at the beginning, hold the small loop with your finger to the player. In this case pull the plug and headphones will be tightly wound on the player. To dissemble this design, you just pull dynamics.
If you keep the headphones separately from the player, put them in the following way: rastopyrte fingers of your left hand (if you are right handed and right hand if left-handed) and gently wrap the palm headphones, leaving the wire end in 10-15 centimeters. Remove the headphones from the hand, and the remaining end of the wire, begin to wrap the resulting "ring" of the headphone. You will receive two symmetrical loops. When the wire is almost over, thread the plug into one of the loops. Pull it in one direction (toward the loop in which it is threaded), and the speakers in another. Headphones conveniently stacked.