Why not euthanize a dog yourself?

как устроить собаку в приют

Not trusting the vet, or wanting to fully accept responsibility for euthanasia, the owners sometimes try to find a way to kill the animal yourself using drugs from a home kit. Doing this is strictly forbidden, because drugs sometimes have on people and on animals of different action. Use is not intended for this medication is able to lead to a quick and painless death of a dog, and long suffering. In addition, not possessing special knowledge, owners can correctly calculate the dose, which is also only prolong the suffering of the dog.

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Almost all ways of killing animals, except dogs, is extremely painful and unacceptable. The use of such methods is justified in one case – if the animal suffers, and access to veterinarians in the coming days, there is no way.

взять из приюта собаку

How is the procedure of euthanasia?

как приручить белку видео

Vets have special tools that enable the animal to escape into another world in a matter of minutes and without pain. As a rule, euthanasia at home is if the animal moves independently, but at the request of owners, the doctor may come, if the dog can still walk. After examining the animal, a health care provider will confirm that the veterinary evidence and the need for a procedure to select a dose of the necessary funds for euthanasia in accordance with the weight, age and condition of the dog.

содержание домашней белки

First the doctor injects the drug, immersing the dog in a drugged sleep. Usually done an intramuscular injection, causing relaxation of the muscles and analgesic. At this time, the owner can be with your pet in familiar surroundings the animal behave more safely, unfamiliar people nearby do not cause him feelings of anxiety.

Some time after the first injection followed by a second designed to stop the heart and respiration. Cardiac arrest occurs gradually, so the vet may ask the owners for a while to come out – though the animal already feels nothing, for some time, there may be convulsions and respiratory motion.

If the animal is aggressive and not let myself nor the doctor, nor master, a drug to relax the muscles will be injected remotely. In this case, it will take a little more time than usual before the dog will sleep.

Once the doctor ascertains the death of the animal, it will be possible to discuss the question of burial of the pet. If necessary, the dog's body will be transported for cremation in a special station. Separate burial of animals in our country is permitted only on territory belonging to their owners. If the animal was euthanized due to the unusually aggressive behavior, attack the people, it is forbidden to cremate the dog's body should be handed over to the vets to establish whether the dog is infected with rabies.