Advice 1: How to euthanize a dog at home

Sometimes dog owners have to take responsibility not only for life but for the death of the animal. To help a very sick or old dog to die without prolonging his suffering, is a difficult step to decide on which loving owner easy. So many people try to ease the care of your pet with euthanasia that has not been made in the conditions of veterinary clinics, and at home, in a familiar environment dogs.
How to euthanize a dog at home

Why not euthanize a dog yourself?

Not trusting the vet, or wanting to fully accept responsibility for euthanasia, the owners sometimes try to find a way to kill the animal yourself using drugs from a home kit. Doing this is strictly forbidden, because drugs sometimes have on people and on animals of different action. Use is not intended for this medication is able to lead to a quick and painless death of a dog, and long suffering. In addition, not possessing special knowledge, owners can correctly calculate the dose, which is also only prolong the suffering of the dog.

Almost all ways of killing animals, except dogs, is extremely painful and unacceptable. The use of such methods is justified in one case – if the animal suffers, and access to veterinarians in the coming days, there is no way.

How is the procedure of euthanasia?

Vets have special tools that enable the animal to escape into another world in a matter of minutes and without pain. As a rule, euthanasia at home is if the animal moves independently, but at the request of owners, the doctor may come, if the dog can still walk. After examining the animal, a health care provider will confirm that the veterinary evidence and the need for a procedure to select a dose of the necessary funds for euthanasia in accordance with the weight, age and condition of the dog.

First the doctor injects the drug, immersing the dog in a drugged sleep. Usually done an intramuscular injection, causing relaxation of the muscles and analgesic. At this time, the owner can be with your pet in familiar surroundings the animal behave more safely, unfamiliar people nearby do not cause him feelings of anxiety.

Some time after the first injection followed by a second designed to stop the heart and respiration. Cardiac arrest occurs gradually, so the vet may ask the owners for a while to come out – though the animal already feels nothing, for some time, there may be convulsions and respiratory motion.

If the animal is aggressive and not let myself nor the doctor, nor master, a drug to relax the muscles will be injected remotely. In this case, it will take a little more time than usual before the dog will sleep.

Once the doctor ascertains the death of the animal, it will be possible to discuss the question of burial of the pet. If necessary, the dog's body will be transported for cremation in a special station. Separate burial of animals in our country is permitted only on territory belonging to their owners. If the animal was euthanized due to the unusually aggressive behavior, attack the people, it is forbidden to cremate the dog's body should be handed over to the vets to establish whether the dog is infected with rabies.

Advice 2: Why cramps in dogs

Unfortunately, dogs are not able to say what they have is sick, and the same symptom can trigger a variety of disorders and diseases. In addition, this symptom may be characterized by the dog owner in completely different ways. So, twitching paws some would call "cramp", and some "convulsion", "spasms", etc. But in any case the appearance of such symptoms is a major reason to immediately contact a veterinarian.
Why cramps in dogs

What can cause seizures in dogs

Often what can be called a convulsion, can be triggered by:
- violations of the functions of the brain;
- systemic diseases of the cardiovascular or respiratory systems;
- pathological disturbances in the body: low sugar in the blood of the animal, hepatic insufficiency, etc.;
- poisoning.

The correct diagnosis and therefore prescribe the right treatment in these cases can only with blood, feces, urine, ECG, EEG, etc. Therefore, it is dangerous to prescribe treatment and give the dog potent drugs, which in the case of an incorrect diagnosis can only harm the animal and to further aggravate the situation.

Your actions during a seizure

Most often the cause of seizures is epilepsy, which affects, depending on the breed, from 0.5 to 5.7% of dogs. Some breeds of disorders of the brain and related seizures occur in 15-20% individuals. In the case where such seizure you see at your dog, first of all, pull yourself together and try to accurately remember all the details, then to describe them to your veterinarian. Well, if someone would remove the seizure on video and note the time of its duration. If convulsions are repeated, keep records, where you record the date, start time and duration of the attack.
Congenital epilepsy is most often seen in dogs aged 1 to 3 years.

Make sure that the seizures has not increased the trauma put her head under the dog rolled Mat or a pillow, clean out items that can cause harm, put it in a safe place where it will not fall down. Remove dog from children and other Pets.
If you suspect epilepsy, it is not necessary to insert in dog's mouth the spoon or stick in her mouth hand to it you do not accidentally bitten. Unlike people, dogs no danger that it will be able to swallow your tongue.

Pay attention to what muscle group is cramping. When the duration of attack longer than 10 minutes, call an ambulance dental services or to take the dog to the doctor. Stay with the pet during the seizure to calm him once he wakes up. After the seizure, give the dog to drink and don't let him immediately jump up and begin to move, to climb stairs, etc. Some dogs after a bout of feeling depressed and guilty, talk with your dog calm, gentle voice.

Advice 3: What to do when feelings of heart

Feelings of heart are often the symptom of arrhythmia. The basis of this pathological condition is a premature contraction of the myocardium (the beat), the resulting excitation of the heart muscle.
What to do when feelings of heart

Causes sensations of heart

Sensations of heart failure is often diagnosed in 60-70% of patients, often these people are otherwise quite healthy. Along with these sensations there are also pain in the heart area, various vegetative and neurological symptoms: pallor, anxiety, a sense of fear, feeling of shortness of breath, sweating. Premature beats may appear on the background of complete health when Smoking, stress, alcohol, coffee or strong tea, in this case it is a functional one. Sometimes the sensation of cardiac arrest occur after a strong physical exertion, when psycho-emotional and vegetative disorders.

If the extrasystole occurs on the background of heart disease (ischemic heart disease, myocarditis, valvular), in this case, it is pathological. The diagnosis of arrhythmia is an internist or cardiologist based on patient complaints, available knowledge on cardiac diseases. The patient should undergo electrocardiography. If the ECG does not confirm the pathology, it is necessary to conduct daily ECG monitoring.
Adverse effect on the heart muscle can have an allergic reaction, thyrotoxicosis, intoxication with infections, poisoning.

How to cure sensations of a cardiac arrest

If the feeling of heart manifested for the first time, you need to drink "Valocordin or Korvalol" in the amount of 30-50 drops, to take a comfortable position. If possible, you should lie down. Clothes impeding breathing, it is necessary to remove or unfasten. If the attack does not stop, you need to go to the doctor, as premature beats can be a symptom of serious heart disease. Treatment of arrhythmia depends on the reasons for its occurrence, severity and form of the disease. If a rhythm has no obvious symptoms, are not particularly worried, does not reduce efficiency, do not treat it you need. For patients who have these feelings interfere, recommended sedatives, antidepressants in doses matched physician. Under the influence of these drugs premature beats disappear or the patient will not feel.
When feelings of heart are advised to avoid heavy physical exertion, abrupt bends and torso twists.

Food must be fractional and frequent, you need to avoid overeating before bedtime, as it filled the stomach may provoke an attack. From the diet to exclude soft drinks, foods that cause constipation, flatulence. With arrhythmia need to monitor the level of potassium ions in blood at low concentrations even the most powerful antiarrhythmic drugs may not produce the desired effect. You should regularly eat dried fruits (raisins, apricots, prunes), vegetables and fruits. Will help and a doctor selected medications containing potassium.
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