The fear to move from walking away kissing is inherent for the most part teenagers. If you are thirteen to fifteen years, there is hardly any need to worry about such relationships. Still kiss at this age is a very important event. If your young man much older, this also does not mean that he is not worried and not afraid to ruin it, especially if he has little experience. Want to fix the situation – just gently take the initiative in their hands and kiss the young man first.

Afraid to frighten

Maybe the guy thinks you don't want what he is, and afraid to scare you with their persistence. Therefore, he will drive you on dates, giving flowers, try to get to know you, to cause the trust to himself and to wait. It is likely that he had a traumatic experience associated with this action – for example, like his girl after the first kiss reported that treats him as a friend. Clear signals on your part will help him to understand that you don't mind. Put his head on my shoulder while watching the movie, look into his eyes, gently take the hand and prinimaite, and the man will suspect you for it.

He doesn't like to kiss

The location and sensitivity of erogenous zones in humans varies. Of course, the lips and tongue are important for many men and women, but there's a chance that you got the guy kisses did not excite. Moreover, such actions can even cause disgust. In this situation it is better not to persevere: physical contact should be enjoyable for both participants. You will also have to decide if you can live without kisses on the lips or find a replacement. If such displays of affection for you is extremely important, it is better to part with a young man.

You're not his girlfriend

The young man regularly invites you to the cafes, cinemas and walking around the city, he prinimaet you by the shoulders, smacking the cheek and forehead, happy to share his jacket when you are cold, but somehow not in a hurry to kiss on the lips. If this is not the first date, and such relationships lasted a long time, think about it-whether he considers you his girlfriend? Maybe you're a friend a good time, which he appreciated and cared for, but romance is planning to build on the other. Chat or discreet question about whether he liked someone, will help you to solve this dilemma.