If nausea and vomiting occur in the morning, have Breakfast in bed, or at least eat some dry biscuits. Prepare everything you need for a light Breakfast from the evening to the morning to eat, not getting out of bed. Lie down after eating, and rising, avoid tilting or sudden movements.
Balance the food. Do not overload the stomach with heavy, greasy, poorly digested food. Try to see your food was warm but not hot; eat more semi-liquid or liquid food (porridge, mashed potatoes, soups). Stick to the optimal diet: every two to three hours, but gradually. For Breakfast, try to choose protein-rich foods: cottage cheese, cheese, eggs.
Be careful to drink during the day is enough liquid. This can be green tea or mineral water without gas, juice or herbal tea (reduce the symptoms of morning sickness peppermint, ginger, Valerian, yarrow).
Exclude for the time of the daily use of cosmetics, household chemicals, and other substances with strong, sharp odor. This also applies to the food: if you notice that the smell of any food or products you unpleasant, causes nausea, avoid them until morning sickness.
Regular intake of vitamin complexes helps to reduce the toxicity and provide the necessary balance of healthy substances in the body of a pregnant woman. But do consult a doctor, because some vitamins, in particular, preparations containing iron, can increase the symptoms of toxicosis.
Observe mode, do not forget about proper rest, try to spend more time outdoors. If signs of toxicity are increasing, nausea becomes more common, and ordinary measures will not help to reduce the appearance of unpleasant symptoms, do not delay treatment to the doctor. Easy morning sickness usually stops within 12 – 14 weeks of pregnancy and does not harm the health of the expectant mother and baby; severe and moderate toxicosis could have a negative impact on your body and damage the development of the child.