Why the owner may hang

A problem with the e-books can be caused by incorrect operation of software, failure of elements of motherboards, spills or dust particles into the body, or a trivial fall. Sometimes e-books can think long, opening corrupted files or files with an unknown extension. If the hang occurs frequently, contact the service center.

If the book started to slow down after you dropped it, just carry it for inspection. Here the causal link is obvious, most likely your device has suffered mechanical damage.
If after several hard reboots, the device continues to act up, hanging and slow down, contact the service center. Perhaps the e-book you need a simple cleaning or replacement of some parts.

What to do

If the book began to hang for no apparent reason, you can try to cope with its own repairing. First, try a soft reset by pressing Reset. This key is on any mobile device (tablet, smartphone, e-book). This button is located next to the connectors on the top or bottom of the unit. On some models, the Reset button may be located under the back cover. If within a few seconds after pressing this button, nothing happen, the screen does not respond to your actions, remove the back cover and remove fifteen or twenty seconds the battery. Then put it back and try to turn the book. Most often, this method helps to cope with the freeze. However, if after restarting the device the problem continues to occur from time to time, it is better to refer the owner to the service center.
Do not get too often to resort to a hard restart. It does not go in his favor.

Sometimes a soft reset may not be enough in this case one has to resort to "hard" procedure. This package of measures leads to the disappearance of all of the data from the memory device, so your favorite books will have to search and buy online. Meaning a hard reboot to format the device and its return to the settings and setting the "default". To start this procedure, you have to press a certain key combination. This combination depends on the specific model. Usually the shortcut key is specified in the instructions or on the manufacturer's website.