Advice 1: How to stimulate the prostate in men

Problems with the prostate gland in men require stimulation of the prostate. It is necessary to improve blood circulation and metabolic processes. To achieve a positive result with the help of special gymnastics and massage.
How to stimulate the prostate in men

What is prostate stimulation

Treatments for prostate stimulation carried out at home or by a specialist urologist in the clinic. Massage has a number of advantages: improvement of potency, normalization of blood circulation, fast regeneration of tissues, increase oxygen supply. The disadvantages include the fact that men during stimulation feel uncomfortable, so he compromised emotional state.
Contraindications include: hemorrhoids, chronic prostatitis, fever, inflammation.

Massage at home

Can massage done at home, entrusting the job better than a reliable, close man. As a rule, in the role of such a person acts as a wife. For the procedure you will need: vaseline, latex gloves. 30 minutes to male massage you should drink 2-3 glass of water or juice. This is necessary in order to have a full bladder was pressing on hardware. In this position it is easier to find. Wash the genitals. Preferred to lean on his elbows and kneel. Vaseline is used for easy insertion of a finger. The first step is to find the gland, it resembles that of a nut. Smooth and easy massage movements to massage the prostate from the edges to the center. The right side is less sensitive, so you must first move smoothly on it and then on the left lobe. The essence of incentives is to massaging the prostate easy manipulation of the finger.
In the case of exacerbations of the disease, it is impossible to massage. The procedure should be postponed for 2-3 days.

Prostate stimulation is accompanied by the release of sperm. If the procedure is performed for the first time, ejaculation can occur several times. Women are afraid to stimulate your prostate, for fear to hurt their husbands. If during the procedure, avoid any painful sensations, so it was all right. Massage is not difficult. It did not require much effort, knowledge and lots of time. But what is the effect. Massage will help to cure prostatitis and enhance potency. Is recommended to use the massage as often men who lead a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle.

Charging for muscles

In addition to massage, men must begin to develop the muscles of the hip joint. You can do the following exercises: knees to chest, lying on the back; raising the legs and crossing them. It is necessary to develop flexibility of the spine, to do the tilting, rotating pelvic thrusts, twists and backbends.

Advice 2: Which means prostate massage

The prostate gland is an organ of the male reproductive system that produces the secret required to liquefy the semen. The prostate is within the pelvis between the bladder and rectum. To improve its functioning and to prevent the development of such diseases as prostatitis, will help a special massage.
Which means prostate massage

When prescribed prostate massage

Prostate massage stimulates the release of secretions from glands, and with it the pathogenic microorganisms. The mechanical effect on the body leads to irritation of the nerves, dilation of blood vessels, improve lymphatic and blood circulation in the prostate. This explains the therapeutic effect of massage.

The indications for it are: prostatitis, violation of impotence, inflammation of the seminal vesicles. Course of massage speeds recovery and allows to obtain the secret of the prostate for analysis. Healthy men displayed a similar prophylactic procedures with the aim of preserving sexual activity after prostate massage is able to increase potency, prolong sexual intercourse and intensify orgasms.

Contraindications for this massage are: acute prostatitis, stones in the prostate, tumor prostate, urinary retention, fissures in the rectum, worsening of hemorrhoids, acute infectious diseases, tuberculosis glands. Massage when these abnormalities can cause swelling of the prostate and the spread of infection to the organs of urination.

The technique of prostate massage

Doctor performing prostate massage, should be fluent in the technique of its implementation. Qualification of specialist is determined by the tolerability of the procedure patients: the presence or absence of pain and discomfort. The length of a session is 2 minutes of a Doctor before performing massage examines the patient to detect worsening of the disease, which is an absolute contraindication to its implementation. In some cases, patients prescribed anti-infective therapy before beginning a course of massage.

Directly before the massage, the man fills the bladder. The patient lies on his right side and pulls the knees to the stomach. To pelvic muscles relaxed, the prostate massaged in a standing-flexed or in the knee-elbow position of the patient. Massage course is 15 sessions that are carried out 2 times a week. Then make a break for 20 days and repeat the course again.

Massage therapist works on the prostate through the anus by a finger of the right hand, lubricated with vaseline. Massage movements - pressure and stroking. In the end, the technician rubs the middle line of the prostate to squeeze out its contents.

Massage you can do yourself with a special massager, which put on a condom, smeared with grease and insert into the anus. Before first use the device at home, you should study its manual.
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