Homemade sweets

Delicious cake "Potato" is derived from delicate shortbread biscuit type "Jubilee". Here is what you need to buy at the store for cooking sweets:
- 300 g of biscuits;
- 0,5 banks of the condensed milk;
- 2 tablespoons cocoa with a slide;
- 100 g of butter;
- 2 tablespoons of cognac;
- a dash of vanilla.

If the dessert is for a child, replace the brandy with milk. Before you start making the cake "Potato", you need to get the butter out of the fridge, it warmed and became malleable. Then it will be easy with the help of a blender stir with condensed milk.

Once the butter and condensed milk became one mass, they should add the brandy, cocoa, vanilla and a couple of minutes to work the blender.

A food processor will help liver crushed into crumbs. If the appliance not, will help ordinary meat grinder.

Now you can add crumbs of biscuits in a creamy mass and mixed thoroughly. Remained formed into small cakes, want to roll them in chopped nuts or cocoa. "Potatoes" are ready.

But you have to have patience for 2 hours. So much pastry must lie in the refrigerator. Then you can set the table for tea and dessert.

Cake according to GOST

If you want to taste the real cake "Potato", which you can buy in the stores, then this dessert to bake here are some of the ingredients:

For the dough:
- 90 g of flour;
- 70 g of sugar;
- 3 eggs;

If not cooking weights, it will be easy to measure bulk solids with a 250-gram Cup. It fits 180 grams of flour 250 grams of sugar.

In addition to the test required and the cream, it is prepared from:
- 65 g icing sugar;
- 100 g of butter;
To 50 g of condensed milk;
- 4 teaspoons of rum;

For deboning need:
- 80 g cocoa;
- 100 g of powdered sugar.

Separated from the yolks, whisk whites with a few salt crystals. In another vessel mash the yolks with the sugar. Into the yolks stir in the flour and mix with a blender. Now, in this mass of proteins are laid out, and all gently stirred with a spoon.

The dough pour to the low layer in a greased form and bake for approximately 15 minutes at 180oC. When cake is baked, cooled, it is broken into pieces with a kitchen appliances are crushed into crumbs.

In butter, pour condensed milk, put the powdered sugar and whip cream. In the end, add the cognac and mix the ingredients. Cream mix with the biscuit crumb, salmon cakes, roll them in a mixture of cocoa and powdered sugar. Left to cool 2 hours in the fridge and cake "Potato" GOST ready.