Erosion: the causes

In medicine it is accepted to distinguish two types of cervical erosion. The first is called the pseudo. This violation is diagnosed as a rule, young girls with no children. Also pseudo is not uncommon in women, hormonal which has a high level of estrogen. Most often, pseudo (ectopia) is congenital and represents output prismatic epithelium beyond the boundaries of the cervix.

The second type of erosion is called true – it is a small laceration on the cervix, which is a red spot against the pink of healthy shell. Due to the increased visibility of cervical erosion can be diagnosed during a routine examination.

True erosion is predominantly an acquired disease. Its causes is very different. First and foremost, this is a mechanical injury: abortion, rough sex, childbirth. Also erosion can lead to diseases acquired sexually: trichomoniasis, chlamydia, herpes, gonorrhea, human papillomavirus, etc. to Occur the breach is capable of and for female diseases, such as thrush or vaginitis.

Each disease have been developed. Erosion usually "behave" quietly, not to disturb the girls any problems. However, it can rapidly develop. Favorable factors for this are poor immunity, hormonal disorders, promiscuous.

How to treat erosion?

Today, practiced are two types of treatment of cervical erosion: surgical (non-drug) and drug. The latter is in the normalization of hormonal background, getting rid of infections (if any), enhance immunity. For recovery of the mucosa can be used vaginal suppositories and creams. Also, the girls often prescribe special herbal douching.

Often, however, drug treatment is not enough. Then used surgical intervention (non-pharmacological). The selection method takes place on an individual basis. Take into account age, former childbirth or lack thereof, the condition of the patient.

The most modern way to get rid of cervical erosion laser coagulation. Such removal is characterized by high accuracy and maintaining healthy cells intact. After laser photocoagulation, the patient is provided fast healing without scarring.

The second popular method of cryotherapy. Erosion treated with liquid nitrogen. With low temperatures damaged area "Vyborzhets". This method is safe and effective enough. Healing occurs within four weeks.

For more serious cases (when the erosion is large enough) is used surgical diathermy – burning high-voltage current. This method allows not only to cut the damaged tissue, but simultaneously cauterize vessels. This helps to avoid blood loss and to speed up the process of intervention. Modified cells can also be subjected to special corrosive tissue preparations. This treatment is called chemical coagulation.

The most extreme method of ridding is the surgical removal of part of the cervix. This method is used only in advanced, precancerous cases. To avoid such an outcome will allow regular monitoring by a gynecologist.