The best time to leave the table, oddly enough, is when you still feel a little hungry. The fact that the signal from the stomach to the brain is 20 minutes, and during this time people can eat a lot more. So, get up from the table at the moment, when not completely saturated. This will allow you to leave the stomach and intestines comfortable digestion and avoid bloating and feelings of heaviness after eating. But to eat so that the eyes are not closed, it is not necessary in any case. The abundance of food slow down digestion, strengthens the walls of the stomach and intestines and brings a lot of discomfort.

As strange as it may sound, drinking tea after lunch is also undesirable. Contained in welding substances inhibit the breakdown of proteins and iron, which can have a negative impact on the entire process of digestion. Also, do not drink after a heavy lunch with lots of fat and protein cold sweet drinks. They hamper the digestion process and cause obesity.

Right after you eat, blood rushes to the stomach, leaving other organs and systems without proper attention. For this reason, it is not recommended to interfere in that natural process and artificially change the direction of blood flow. If you decide to walk or, God forbid, run, do not expect anything good. A sharp outflow of blood from the stomach to the extremities provokes the stagnation of food and fermentation, and too sudden movements and quick run can cause stomach cramps and pain.

The best option – to sit quietly for 15-20 minutes. Fans of sleep after lunch also have to give up this habit, since during sleep the digestive process slows down. For the same reason, very harmful to eat at night – you fill the stomach with food, but to digest it during your sleep, he still will not be able. Imagine that all this will lie the goods inside your body! If you don't want to deal with infections and to treat swelling is to sleep after eating is strictly prohibited.

Useful to breathe fresh air or enjoy something light and easy. Read a newspaper or magazine, or better yet, view it on TV interesting. By the way, from the brain blood casts also, so don't try to solve back-breaking complex tasks or to do calculations directly after lunch. Wait for some time and the ability to think clearly will come back to you.