If you are looking for rental accommodation, the ad is the only thing that will allow you to make potential landlords basic information about you, so you need to have the text made a favorable impression and caused the owners of a vacant apartment at least the desire to call you.


Oddly enough, but this is one of the main conditions of writing a good advertisement of any content. Grammatical, lexical mistakes even in this short text, as the ad is incredibly annoying and discourage any desire to communicate with the illiterate Creator of the opus.

In addition, illiterate text speaks of contempt even to something as simple as writing ads. Will such a person reliable and tidy lodger?

On the contrary, verified, well-written ad creates on the person who wrote the impression most favorable.


Disclose in the announcement the information about yourself: are you going to rent an apartment alone, with family or with a companion, do you have Pets etc., please indicate briefly in what price limit will get you fee for rental housing.

Such information anyway to find out at the first meeting with the landlord, but communicating it in the ad, you will save yourself and your potential owner from unnecessary trouble, fruitless meetings to save time.


If you specify in the ad any additional your advantages as a tenant – this will be a definite plus. It can be not only the standard phrase "cleanliness, order and timely payment guarantee", and promise to make repairs in the room (if you are really able to produce it efficiently), other services which you are willing to assist the owner in the rent or in addition to it.


Try to hold all the necessary information in a few sentences – long opus no one will read. Better your text will be concise and reflect the essence of what you want from rental housing.


It is believed that humor is disarming and likable people, but perhaps the announcement of the tenancy – not the document where it is appropriate. Not every owner wants to rent your place too cheerful, and therefore not too serious and substantial tenant.

But you can take the risk: bit of humor, you may attract to your ad person easier to communicate, easier with which to negotiate the terms of the lease, someone who will not be too cruel in their demands.