First, the beautiful can only be considered well-written ad. The presence of spelling, punctuation and other errors is invalid. So be sure to check out the written ad, even if it is small in size. Even it is possible to do a sufficient number of errors.
The second was a beautiful ad attractive ad. Do not use when you are writing standard phrases and expressions. They will put your ad on a par with other, make it like the others. Eat less hackneyed words and phrases. Create your own ad design, which will allow us to speak about its originality.
Third, the ad, which absolutely does not specifically state its essence, can not be considered beautiful. Be clear about what you want to say to your ad. Do not use ambiguous words that can be misconstrued. If you have something to sell – please specify what, including model and main characteristics. If you provide services – specify in detail what services, in what volume, what we have experience.
Fourth, the ad should be focused on the consumer. Everyone who reads it must obtain full details, it should be interesting. For example, if you are working a job, specify the wage the organization shall describe the requirements for applicants and obligations of the future employee. Such a Declaration will not cause additional questions. Past it will not pass people who do not want to waste time on phone calls to find out additional information. All the basic information you specify in the Declaration. This will avoid unnecessary calls, and to communicate only in the case.