Usually, a temporary filling is designed for subsequent replacement by a permanent one. Used in case the dentist uses a medical drug or not entirely sure of the diagnosis. A temporary seal is a protective layer of the tooth, to at a certain time to avoid penetration of food particles and bacteria inside. Constant designed for prolonged action. But, as a rule, the lifetime depends on the quality of the material used, tooth structure, accuracy compliance technology, the skill of the doctor.

Wide application of temporary fillings received in diagnosing dental diseases. For example, in some diseases in the oral cavity it is necessary to follow the state of the nerve endings. This is necessary in order to try to preserve the nerve, and not mindlessly delete it when you see small holes in the tooth.

Others use temporary filling is prosthetics. Material for temporary assignment performs the function of protecting the prepared tooth to manufacture the implant to be introduced into the oral cavity of the patient.

If the temporary filling falls out, it means that was used substandard material or specialist is not well treated tooth surface. It should be noted that the temporary filling is removed directly in the dental office, and then immediately put constant.

Reliable sealing of the interim action involves the preliminary preparation of the tooth. To do this, you must carefully dry all the channels and the bottom. As a rule, a temporary seal can be installed for a few days or even 2-3 weeks. It depends on the purpose and duration of action of the drug.

Sometimes a temporary filling is starting to appear soreness that is considered normal. In this case, you can use any painkiller. The early W of the seal or breaking off individual pieces, you should immediately consult a doctor, since the presence of saliva and food residue will start the inflammatory process and will continue the destruction of the tooth itself. If it hurts under permanent seal, then it should be a cause for concern and immediate referral to a specialist.

The most common materials from which may be made of the seal are metal, cement, phosphate cement, steklovarenie cement, composites, plastics, allstargame plastic and others. At the moment, great demand for seals made of polymeric material, as they have high quality characteristics. Typically, such seals can be installed on any portion of the damaged tooth, using such a composition of the recovered broken pieces of the tooth, is attached to any shade fillings. This is due to the fact that solidification occurs only under the influence of a special light.

To avoid unpleasant symptoms and tooth decay, you need to take care of your mouth: brush your teeth every day morning and evening, regularly visit a dental office to identify diseases at an early stage, to eat a balanced and to monitor the intake of sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins, regular walking in the fresh air and to sleep, to abandon the use of alcoholic beverages and tobacco.