Advice 1: Who's the most popular singer in the world

It is difficult to say who of the singers is the most famous and revered. Good musicians a lot, but only a few of them were truly great in their homeland and abroad. They admired by millions of people. They make laugh and cry of his fans.
Who's the most popular singer in the world

The most popular singer of the world

The large recognition and fame got a few singers, but still the greatest, the real king of pop was Michael Jackson. Listening to his compositions for decades, surely they will last forever. Even after the death of the performer, he still has a large number of loyal fans.

During his not very long life, Michael Jackson's 15 times became the owner of the most prestigious in the music world of the Grammy awards, sold around 1 billion copies of their albums and 13 times mentioned in the Guinness Book of records. He has earned the title of best singer of all times and peoples.
25 Jun 2009 the pop star left the stage forever. He died from an overdose of the drug propofol. After that his albums started to sell, with an even greater fanaticism.

The best singers of all times and peoples

Michael Jackson became the most popular singer in the world and the best performer of pop music. But, as for the rock, one of the greatest musicians of this direction is Freddie mercury.

The soloist of group Queen had a rare natural gift - unique voice, which is perfectly in harmony with his appearance. On stage, he was irresistible, therefore, the group very quickly became famous all over the world.
Freddie mercury died 24 November 1991. He died in London from bronchial pneumonia, which appeared to him to AIDS. In 1992 in his honor was arranged a Grand concert with the participation of many rock stars.

Ever won the love and calling a huge number of people also a British singer, musician, composer and producer sir James Paul McCartney. He is one of the founders of the Beatles. 16 times, Paul McCartney was awarded a Grammy award not once included in the Guinness Book of records. His duet with John Lennon one of the greatest singer of all time, became one of the most successful author of unions in the history of music.

A legend of world music was the Italian singer, actor, broadcaster, composer, Director and comedian Adriano Celentano. He has a unique style, especially the facial expressions and gait. His albums always sold out in huge numbers. Now Adriano lives near Milan and is engaged in watch repair.

Joe Cocker is considered one of the top performers of Blues and rock. His bluesy ballads performed low husky baritone that makes them unique. Joe Cocker is also a Knight of the Order of the British Empire.

Sir Elton John has become one of the most successful singers, pianists and composers in the style of British pop, rock, piano rock and glam rock. During his 40-year career of musician Elton John has sold more than 550 million copies of their albums. In the list of the 100 greatest musicians in history, he ranked 49th.

Advice 2: Most popular TV presenters

A survey of Russians on the subject of popularity TV is the leading entertainment publications every year. In the ranking of the most popular stars of leading television programs, are known to all persons who are known for their wit and charm. Who are these people?
Most popular TV presenters

A rating of people's likes

One of the leaders of the national television is Ivan Urgant, who leads several programs and does it very successfully. Not far behind him and popular pet Andrey Malakhov holding the love of the viewers for many years. A beautiful and smart Tina Kandelaki not losing ground, creating a program with brilliant interviews and converging in verbal picks with the erudite students. Her eternal opponent is Ksenia Sobchak.

Some Russian broadcasters included in the list of the richest and most promising people of Russia.

I love the spectators and the permanent host of the news Ekaterina Andreeva – beautiful brunette enjoy watching both women and men. The popularity of "Miss Universe" Oksana Fedorova as a TV presenter is also hard to underestimate – the girl is a real gem of Russian television. No less popular and TV presenter blonde Lera Kudryavtseva, which successfully conducts various competitions and festivals. For humor and originality, the audience also love Dmitry Nagiev, Sergey Svetlakov, Michael Galustjan, and Paul Will, who are willing to work anchors on Russian television.

Richest TV personalities of Russia

In the first place in the ranking of the richest Russian TV presenter Maxim Galkin is earning for the year of 6.2 million dollars. Followed by a multi-faceted artist, who receives $ 3.5 million, speaking also as an actor, singer and co-producer. Third place belongs to the gorgeous Tina Kandelaki, which is, in addition to the presenter's career, engaged in their own business and filming in advertising.

The greatest number of star presenters boasts the "First channel" leading with their entertainment and social programs.

In fourth place is TV host, singer, actor and businessman Ivan Urgant, earning in the year of 2.7 million dollars. Him to "heel" with 2.4 million dollars comes the controversial presenter of the Comedy Club and a charming bully Paul Will, starred in films and commercials. Closely behind him follows his colleague at the Comedy Club Michael Galustyan, with about 1.9 million dollars annually for shooting the comedies and the work of the presenter. Seventh place is occupied by TV presenter and socialite Ksenia Sobchak with an income of 1.4 million dollars, while mega Andrey Malakhov, oddly enough, is at the end of the rating with 1.3 million dollars.

Advice 3: The most popular person in the world

The unequivocal answer to this question, in principle, can not be. The fact that in different eras popular were different people. At one time they were Vladimir Vysotsky and Viktor Tsoi, the other Napoleon, the third Peter the Great. However, not only these outstanding figures was at the Zenith of fame.
Michael Jackson is popular all over the world and at all times!

Who at all times is the most popular person in the world?

As mentioned above, each epoch honors a specific person, but sometimes there are exceptions: some people pass through the year, century, era by some invisible thread. To such personalities, of course, is Michael Jackson. This man showed the world the amazing range and depth of his own voice combined with incredible virtuosity and plastic choreography.

Michael Jackson was born African American from a working class family. After Jackson with his brothers moved to Los Angeles, he started working on music and choreography already with a professional Manager. As they say, a well-deserved fame has not kept itself waiting long: already in a few months, Michael Jackson began to give a record-breaking concert tours around the world, gathering a full sold out audience in the halls!

Unfortunately, Michael Jackson did not live up to the present time, however, many people remember him as a man capable of incredible and impressive ability to capture a wide audience very complex and deep emotions!

The other most popular people in the world

Vladimir Putin in 2013, the year topped the ranking of the most influential people in the world conducted by Forbes magazine. The President of the Russian Federation shifted from the first line of the rating of its American counterpart, Barack Obama.
According to the international survey conducted in early 2014, the first year the company You Gov for the Times newspaper, the most popular person in the world was the founder of the American company Microsoft - bill gates. He won first place in the popularity rating. Second place in the world community gave to us President Barack Obama, and the third President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. By the way, Vladimir Putin in the ranking ahead of the Pope Francis.

Moreover, bill gates, according to the above survey, led the ranking of the most popular people of China! Interestingly, his approval rating in China was two times higher than that of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party XI Jinping. It should be noted that the above survey was attended by about 14 thousand people from 13 countries.

Michael Jackson occupies the seventh place in the top twenty search queries according to Google.
Google search engine not so long ago published a ranking of the twenty most popular Internet queries regarding these or other celebrities. Oddly enough, but he headed the list of American singer of canadian origin - Justin Bieber. Other celebrities included in the top twenty, are actor Robert Patison, singer Kesha, actress Megan Fox, country singer Taylor swift, singer and girlfriend of Justin Bieber – Selena Gomez, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, singer Katy Perry, President Barack Obama and others.
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