You will need
  • - equipment for organization of activities of children;
  • - plan trips.
The development of the walks start with scheduling. Its goals and objectives must be consistent with the current plans for a given period of time. Include in the program the contents of educational trips, educational and developmental tasks.
Prepare all the necessary equipment for the organization of activities of children. Pay attention to the external material. It needs to match the content walk, to meet the security requirements. In addition, the extension material should be selected in accordance with the age of the children. Be sure to check the number of toys. They should be enough for all children. It is unacceptable that someone of preschoolers experienced a lack of equipment for the game.
Make a short plan trips and secure it on the card. This will enable you to systematically carry out the planned tasks. In addition, it will facilitate walks.
Be sure to set the pupils on a walk. Let them feel the joy of the upcoming activities. In this case, it would be productive. In addition, the good mood combined with exercise, will help improve the overall health of preschoolers.
Prepare the area to conduct walks. It should not be poisonous or prickly plants, fungi, shrubs with berries. In addition, it is necessary to remove all debris from the site. Dig the sand in the sandbox. This will help to prepare the sandpit for the arrival of children, and will also allow to detect possible debris in the sand.
When conducting the walk be sure to alternate activities preschoolers. Walk start with observation. It can be the observation of objects animate and inanimate nature, people of different professions.
Included in the walk work. It can be a help guys in clearing the site of snow, autumn leaves etc
Finish the walk mobile game. It is necessary that this game was agreed upon with an instructor in physical education kindergarten. The game should be aimed at practicing any physical exercise.