Causes of pain in the bones

Bone pain may be different, the definition of its nature will allow to establish the diagnosis of the disease. Nagging pain often indicates problems inherent in the muscles. In some cases, it may be caused by a malfunction of the joint. Often the symptom of pain appears as a result of some sort of trauma – injury, fracture, compression or subluxation. It will be particularly strong if a bone is located close to the surface of the skin.

The pain is accompanied by osteitis - inflammation of bone. As a rule, the disease develops due to irritation of the periosteum in the compression or injury of the bone. Often, inflammation occurs in open fractures. Sometimes mechanical damage of the joint capsule in it, fluid builds up. She begins to expand the space, as a result, the joint swells. Sometimes this injury is accompanied by rupture of the joint capsule.

Pain in bones are observed in the inflammation of the joints - arthritis. The joint swells and becomes painful, violated its mobility. In this pathology the unprotected ends of the bones there is an excess of bone tissue, it leads to immobility of the joints and pain. Severe pain appear in osteoarthritis. In this case, due to wear of the joint affects the cartilage, then begins the lose bones. Intense chronic pain in the bones observed in cancer, and osteoporosis (thinning of bone) is a very serious pathologies.

The States that are accompanied by pains in the bones

Quite often, the bones can ache in children, its cause is the active growth of all tissues. These pains eventually pass. Cause discomfort in the bones can be a long stay in a damp room, in the cold, physical fatigue or in stressful situations. Sometimes the bone pain appears in liver cirrhosis, leukemia, when hypervitaminosis of vitamin A, dehydration or very low amount of important chemical elements in the blood (magnesium, potassium, sodium), and if the damage or malfunction of nerves.

Quite often experience pain in the bones of women in late pregnancy. This is due to the increased weight of the body, bones can not handle the load. Possible cause is the deficiency of calcium and vitamin D. Pain in the pubic bone are observed due to the softening of bones and joints: this process is necessary in order that the child passed through the birth canal. They can also be caused by the influence of the hormone relaxin, which is synthesized in large quantity.