Joint pain during menopause is caused by the reduction of female hormones. This is the main and common reason why there is pain. Thereby increasing the risk of brittle bones.
After 45 years, a period when increases the risk of menopausal arthritis, which is accompanied by pain in the joints.
Causes of joint pain during menopause is the increased stressful situations that occur in this period. From the body gradually leaches the calcium. The reason can be considered heavy physical activity in menopausal period.
Joint pain during menopause can occur due to bone disease, neuralgia or disease of the cervical spine.
The development of osteoporosis. With age, cartilage and bone tissue is destroyed, and the joints in this period prone to fractures and dislocations, respectively appear and joint pain. Osteoporosis is not a curable disease, but it can be stopped.
After 45 years there is a weakening of the ligaments and muscles lost their elasticity.
Fat people are more susceptible to diseases in the joints. After a constant pressure load over time lead to damage. During menopause it is compounded.
There is a reduction of the synovial fluid, which helps to improve friction during movement. Also, when menopause changed the composition of the synovial fluid. The result is pain.
The development of vitamin deficiency during menopause can be accompanied by pain in the joints.
To relieve the unpleasant symptoms, you should follow the regime and eat right. Sleep is basic. Should not to eat salty, sweet. Meat consumption should be dramatically reduced, but dairy products and fruits should be a constant companion. Alcohol and nicotine only aggravates the symptoms of joint pain, therefore it is necessary to refuse them. Warm baths with fir oil have a relaxing effect on the body and helps to soothe the pain.