You will need
  • - pistons;
  • - piston rings;
  • a probe blade type.
Before installing rings on piston, check the size of gaps in their castles. Put the piston assemblies and a set of rings on a clean work surface.
Place the compression ring (top) inside the first cylinder and push down the bottom of the piston, thereby aligning it perpendicular. It must get into the area of the lower border of the working stroke of the rings. Then, with a feeler gauge blade type measure the size of the gap in the lock ring (the blade must tight to slip in it). If the clearance is beyond the boundaries – make sure that have not mixed a ring. Repeat procedure for the remaining rings of the piston of this cylinder for the other. After checking and adjustment of clearances, you can move on to putting them on the pistons.
Put the oil ring, which consists of three sections. First, tuck in the bottom groove of the piston, the so-called spring expander. If the extender has protivolodochnyi tongue, make sure he got in the return drilling that is located in the piston groove.
Then install the bottom section of the ring. Get in the groove above or below the expander first, one end of the section, press it with your finger and fill the remaining part, moving around the ring. The latter is the upper section. When the installation is complete, check freedom of rotation of the upper and lower work sections.
Next, attach the second compression ring (bottom) with the label facing upwards. Using a special expander put him in the middle groove. Similarly dressed the upper compression ring. Try during installation not to confuse them.