The use of vitamin drops

The developers of drops for the eyes, enriched with vitamins, I suggest to use the following categories of citizens:

- conducting at a computer monitor all day, and as a result have lost the visual acuity of the eye;

- the elderly, the vision they have is deteriorating due to age-related changes in the vascular system of the body;

- suffering from farsightedness or myopia;

women with varicose varicose veins;

- people suffering from cataract or glaucoma;

- suffering from diabetes.


What drops choose

When choosing drops for eyes no need to focus on their price. You must pay attention to their constituents. Drops must include:

- vitamin a that improves the condition of the retina;

- thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), which helps when dealing with Horny degeneration;

- bilberry extract and antioxidants, relieves fatigue;

- vitamin C, pyridoxine, vitamin e and B12, and folic acid.

The most famous, of drops for the eyes that give positive results are: "Quinax", "Prenatal", "Sancutary", "Visionex", "Mytilene Forte, Vita Iodoral", "visine", "Octile" and "Okovit".

When the blurred vision and eye fatigue help "Taufon", "Oftan-catachrom and Quinax". If eye disease of allergic nature, committed funds "Lacritin", "Prenatal" or "good cough medicine".